I don’t know how long I sat outside for, but by the time my parents came around it was just starting to get dark out. They came around the bend and started the long trek to our house. I was watching them walk towards me only something was a little off. My body froze as they grew closer and closer and I noticed the way that they walked was...different. Then I heard the moaning coming from their mouths and with a squeal I grabbed the food box and raced into the haunted house. I would rather spend some time getting to know someone who was dead and not really going to be able to hurt me then some half-dead creatures who at this point in my mind, had never been human. Oh god, now the zombies decided to show up!

 Slamming the door behind me I ran for the closest light switch and flicked it and slowly the lights flickered on as if they hadn’t been turned on in years, maybe centuries. Slowly breathing through my nose, I closed my eyes and pressed against the door before I opened my eyes to find that He was down the hallway staring at me. As I had decided that he was the better option, I wanted to get along with him.

“Um, look. I know you’re dead and well, don’t really give a crap about the living now but could you, oh, I don’t know, give me a warning when you’re going to pop up out of nowhere? And just be nice? I don’t want to fight with you because I really don’t want to be here as much as you don’t want me here. But because of my parents and how I have to rely on them still we are in the same boat. Okay? Can we make an agreement?” He stared at me as I totally rambled in fear and thank god he didn’t smile creepily this time. He nodded and even though my heart was racing in my chest I felt slightly relieved. I stepped away from the door and peered out the window to find another face pressed against the window and I had to cover my mouth to make sure I didn’t scream like a little girl. I stumbled back and away from the window to trip over a box and bang my head on the floor. 

The End

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