“I see you’ve made a friend already Jun. What’s his name?” Mom tried to sound happy but she was shaking. The thing turned to face them and I lost sight of its creepy features.

“My name is Meir Grimshaw. My Mother and Father founded this village centuries ago but we just came back because I fell ill.” Mother inhaled.

“Oh, I see. Well, we should go greet your parents then, shouldn’t we Bruce?” Dad nodded hastily and motioned for me to stand up. I gave them a look but rose to my feet with disdain.

“Jun, guard the house okay? We’ll be back soon, maybe. We’ll walk with Meir here back to his house, you finish unpacking the car. Just take it into the living room and claim one of the rooms as yours, alright?” Dad tossed me his keys and I caught them with a glare but he completely ignored me. Mom was already sweetening up little demon kid. I groaned but headed for the car because that kid freaked me out. I hated my parents sooo much right now. When I turned around to stare at them Mom and Dad had this look on their faces that I couldn’t understand, I hadn’t seen it before. Then, they started down the road with the crazy, creep kid (if he even was a kid). A shiver went down my spine again and I refused to look behind me. Well, whatever.

 I started to unpack the car; the rest of the stuff was coming later this week so we just packed the stuff we’d need immediately. I had some of my favourite manga with me in the back seat but this wasn’t going to give me enough sustenance for long, I’d need my other stuff soon. Or, I could just grab some new stuff the next time we went to town. Oh! That would be wonderful; I had heard there was some new releases on some of my favourite mangakas. 

The End

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