I sighed and leaned against the car and she cast a glance back at me before following my father into our new house. After I realised they weren’t planning on coming outside screaming any time soon I decided to move to a boulder close to the car. How was I going to make it out here? I mean, they didn’t even have internet access here, how was I going to live?

Something startled me and I looked up to see another life form in front of me. I instantly got a tingling feeling all through my body because he was obviously not human. He was roguishly handsome but that wasn’t comforting. His eyes had this...emptiness to them that kinda freaked me out. His dark hair was smooth and combed back nicely and he wore very formal, late 19th century clothing, but that wasn’t the oddest thing about him, he carried a freaking umbrella that from each point had a black fabric draped around it so that I couldn’t see his face unless he got very close to me, like he had.

“Well, Father did not inform me we had new arrivals. How unusual.” He spoke as if I didn’t even exist, and maybe I didn’t. His voice had this...smoothness to it and I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was about it that was so special. I stared at him as he stared at me. Even though his eyes held emptiness, I could see something in them and suddenly my body broke out into a cold sweat. Oh my god, this guy...

My thoughts were interrupted by my mom stepping outside of the house.

“Jun! Come help me pick out your room!” Her gaze fell upon the umbrella and her eyes widened. Dad stepped out from the house and Mom gripped his shirt. “Honey, that umbrella...” Mom whispered. Dad wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

The End

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