Living with a VampireMature

This is a fantasy story about a young man named Jun Williams and how is life changed once he was confronted by the truth about his family and that of the new town he had moved to. Confronted by all this change, it is how he develops as a person and character. Enjoy.

When we first moved into the town I didn’t expect it to have as much of an impact on my life as it did, nor did I want it to. I was quite content being a supernatural fan that spent most of his time in his room planning out how I would survive zombie attacks etc. Little did I know that my fantasy life was soon going to collide with my reality.


Dad pulled the keys out of the ignition and with a glance at my Mother, grabbed the old key off the dashboard of the 2007 Subaru forester and opened the car door and stepped out. He closed the door behind him and gave my Mother a thumbs up as he headed towards the door to the dilapidated building ahead of us. Holding the key in his hand for a moment, he paused before shoving it into the old lock and turned. He struggled for a moment to open the door to the old house but thankfully a dust cloud didn’t explode everywhere like in my dream last night; nor were there zombies, but there never were any zombies. Mom got out of the car to join him, leaving me to stay inside the car as I fumed. They stood outside and chatted about how they were going to renovate the old house. I knew they would probably want to restore it being the crazy historians they were. Watching them from the corner of my eye as I sulked my heart panged quickly and that was enough to encourage me to get out of the car. I sighed heavily and pushed myself out of the car, slamming the door once I was out and Mom winced.

“Honey, don’t slam the doors on the Subaru.” She scolded but I just stared moodily into the dense forest. She sighed, accepting that was the best she was going to get out of me. They had decided on their own that we were going to move into the middle of a freaking forest between two mountains to a godforsaken village of 700 people so that they could be ‘near nature’. This wasn’t ‘near nature’ this was being one with nature. It invaded your house out here! Hell, your house was made out of it!

The End

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