The Move

She really had no say in the matter. Blake has to pack her bags and finish her senior year in an entirely new state; from sunny Florida to a tiny town in New Jersey everything about leaving outweighed what's to come. Well there is the boy next door... he's handsome, and his dog loves her, but all good things must come to an end because whenever he starts talking their heads collide. Although he's like a pesky bug Nathaniel grows on Blake and being around him becomes a bit more tolerable everyday

You know that nightmare people sometimes have about forgetting their clothes and showing up to school in your underwear?

Yeah, well that's how I met him.

Well not exactly... here let's back up a bit so you can find out who he is.


Firstly, hi there my name is Blake. I'm originally from Florida but after my dad got a big business promotion I've moved to New Jersey. Of course I had to leave behind all my friends but we're going to write each other because we've always had a thing for pen pals; we could never really get it going because it's not the same when we're all in walking distance of each other. That was a plus side to moving.

In all honestly that was the only plus side to moving. Not only would I have to leave my friends but I also had to leave behind the guy I liked but never told. Oh Brandon you're curly brown locks and your warm chocolate brown eyes will never be forgotten.

At least that was what I thought...


Moving really changes people. Not like changing as in I have to wear sweaters and snow pants for the first time but changing as in personalities. I guess we all change a bit everyday but moving makes it obvious.

I was never one for making friends. I won't lie and you can ask anyone that has had the chance to get to know me, I'm pretty awkward.

Please don't think of me as someone that has never seen the outdoors, only socializes with their parents, and looks forward to my newspaper every morning.

I'm not that awkward.

I just enjoy keeping to myself. All of my friends (which really isn't that many) were kids I've known since Pre-School. I don't mind meeting new people but I'm not comfortable with it either so you could tell moving was easier said than done.

But sadly it's been done. I was currently hiding behind a bush and I'm very proud to say that my camouflage skills have improved over the years. I didn't want to be here so there is no way I'll willingly help get settled. It's not like my parents were struggling with the boxes anyways. My mother already got our neighbors to start pulling their own height.

It's funny really - physically I'm the exact copy of my mom. We both share the same caramel colored skin, straight coco colored hair that looked dark as night after a shower, big brown egg shaped eyes, with eyelashes that curled in and up, looking nonexistent without mascara.

Personality wise she's a social butterfly while I'm a hungry caterpillar like my dad.

His dark chocolate skin and big exterior makes him look a bit intimidating to other people. The fact he also hates speaking just sets off warning signs but he's a big people pleaser once you get to know him.

All I could really do was watch all of them come in and out and it was a bit boring but I refuse to be spotted until everything was away. Well at least that was the plan.

"Do you have any children?"

"Yeah I've got one girl named Blake. You haven't spotted her yet? She should be helping with the boxes."

"Oh maybe we just haven't crossed paths yet!"


Shit. It's official; I won't be getting along with my neighbor anytime soon! And for her information I wouldn't want to move either way.

"Mimi there's no need to call her over I've got the last box. I tried to bring my son and he made some excuse about walking the dog. We can't control our kids just leave them be."

Previous thoughts have been diminished I love this lady.

Well now that all the boxes are gone I can leave my little bush. The time we spent together was one of my best moments in New Jersey and I'll never forget you I mumbled a bit as I parted ways with it.

"Were you just petting a bush?"

I whirled around to tell this guy that wasn't just any bush but the words died on my tongue when we made eye contact.

Oh gosh it wasn't one of my old neighbors this guy was a kid and a person that looked about my age! Dang it someone I'll probably have to socialize with and to make matters worse he was beautiful.

He was at least a head taller than me so I had to look up to stare at his calculating green eyes. A bit of his hair was in the way making my fingers itch to put the black curl in its place. My eyes traveled over his Nirvana band t-shirt and the pair of sweatpants that were hanging dangerously low on his hips; they weren't doing a very good job at being pants! The waistband of his underpants was peeking out but in all honesty I don't mind.

A bark made my eyes snap over to the pug I didn't notice before. Instantly I knelt down in front of the little guy and let him sniff my hand. Once he started licking me I knew I was cool and couldn't help but play with him.

I was really getting into it to. I had a pet cat named Waverly but she was a lazy one and would leave the room when I tried to get her to move around. On all fours I was barking right back at the dog pushing him a bit with my hand every time he pushed me with his snout.

"Oh now I know why you were by the bush you're obviously part dog and you were sniffing it to check to see if it was a good spot to do your business."

My eyes snapped right back to the boy from before seeing a smirk on his lips for insulting me. What a punk!

"Listen here punk I'm 100% human and if you have such a problem with the fact your dog likes me more go take your feelings out on someone who cares."

Oh my goodness mini dance party is going on in my head right now! Not only did I just get him good but I also sounded normal! Look out New Jersey your dictator has arrived; I just conquered this kid now all I need is the school, the police station, and the mayor of whatever this town is called. I'll be running this place in no time.

"Are you even listening to me?"


"No? Did you just say no?"

"Did I stutter? Look I can't have a conversation with a guy whose comprehension level is lower than a two year old. Your dog is awesome you're not bye now."

I petted the dog one last time and got up to begin walking back to my house the only reason I turned around was because of the commotion going on.

The boy was trying to tug his dog away but he wasn't having it. The pug started tugging his owner and in the process pulled his pants down.

"Nathaniel Jacobs why on Earth are your pants to the ground!? Mimi I'm so sorry you had to see my son like that he usually knows better."

Timeout the punk is my neighbor’s son? Just my luck.


The End

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