Chapter 1

Elise started awake with the sound of the captain's voice coming through the speakers.

"This is your captain speaking. We will be landing in Voynezha. I hope you've had a good flight, prepare for landing." Elise stretched her arms up, yawning and stairing down into the diary in her lap. She had fallen asleep reading an entry from when she was 13, three and a half years ago when she'd only been traveling for about half a year.

  December 3, 2006

It was his birthday today. I didn't go up to him, wish him a happy birthday or pretend I thought the day was any different from any other one. I simply acted normal, peeked at him during history class and tried to get a table close to him at lunch. I never eat with anyone, however, so It's hard to get that good of a table without sitting within a group of popular kids. What, with all the dumb cheerleaders, jocks and just plain popular-lites. Maybe I would make myself known to him if I knew I would be living out at least a few more years with him, but I know that this month may be the last i have with Ethan. Maybe even less then a month. Happy Birthday, Ethan. I love you, I always will and I'll miss you.

Elise hadn't even remembered Ethan untill she read the entry, she felt that she had betrayed her promise to herself of always loving him, even if a part of her knew she could never keep that promise. Sighing, she closed the journal.

Her one hope as a future was to publish the diary, but when ever she brought this up to her father, he simply grumbled and stocked off, never giving a streght answer. 

 "Elise." She turned to her father, across the isle to except the sunglasses which he held out to her. Mr. Timlake, her father made them all - Elise, her mother, Jacqueline, and himself - whenever they went out in public. He only told them that it made it possible to move places without being stoped by everyone else. Ofcourse, this wasn't the truth, but both Elise and Jacqueline knew that it wasn't appropriate to ask him.

"Thanks," She forced a smile, and slipped the glasses over her eyes.

  *   *    *

An hour later they were hailing a cab


(to be continued)


The End

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