Living Nightmare

If you've even been down in the lower segments of an old castle, you'll know how i felt. Damp walls surrounded me making me feel closed in and afraid. Wetness practically radiated off of the stones, and I could feel my hair begin to curl already. The place seemed to be sucking everything from me. There was no light, something told me I was in a hallway that went on and on, without a stop, but I had the feeling that there was something right there..........only a few yards in front of me. I took a slow tentative step forward, taking care to make as little sound as possible.

Drip! My breath caught in my chest and my leg froze in place before even all of my weight was set on it. I took a second to calm myself. It couldn't be uncommon for this, I had already found this place to be extremely hydrated. I pushed all fear away, and prepared to go farther. Just do it, I told myself, Do it and don't think about it. Before you change your mind! Taking my advice I lifted my hand up, clenching it into a fist, but with my pointer finger extended. Light...... I let the word envelope me, taking away all my sense of what was around me and replacing it with the single word. The calm, warm sensation spread quickly across the small area of my finger tip until that one moment when the flame ignited on my flesh. The feeling gradually faded leaving only the flam and the cold dark room that had been touched with a small spot of brightness.

The flame wasn't enough, though, i soon realized. It only lite up enough of the room to see where to place me feet. I couldn't see anywhere more that 3 feet in front of me. Sighing, slightly annoyed that this was eating up so much time, I opened my palm and willed the fire to spread through the rest of the surface of my hand. Now I could see everything. I could see that the walls were made of beautifully painted bricks, the designs too intricate to make out.  I could that there were puddles lining the floor, here and there. It really wasn't such a bad place, if you like old abandoned places, that is.

With a new feeling of confidence, I stepped forward a few more paces. Here I stopped, suddenly noticing the boxes spread across some of the walls. Lockers? And then I knew. My eyes widened and terror filled every vein in my body. I slight whine escaped my lips. I raised my sight up to the cieling, and here my gaze fell apon the what I had sensed. The school banner hung across the hallway, a flag pole on each side of it. St. Kathrine Highschool. Not her, My mind screamed, but i couldn't voice it. Please God, anywhere but here!  I stumbled back a step. Out. Get out. Oh, God! No, what did I do to deserve this? Please! I began to hyperventilate. The only thing I could focus on was escaping this building which was the epitomy of all evil. St. Kathrine, my ass. But my body wouldn't obay, I was stuck.

I looked back up to the banner, studding the words and colors I had once admired and venerated. That was when I saw it. Nothing could have scared me more at this point. No, this only brought on shock, anger, disbelief.........regret. Oh, Lavinia. Not you. It can't be you, how could this happen. My eyes were stuck to the right flag pole, for draped across it, stained with scarlet blood, was the limp body of Lavinia Hale. Her Long, straight hair was matted with blood and fell in clumps. Her clothes were ripped and there was only the slightest portion of life left in her.

 "Elise?" A low moan emitted from her pale lips and her eyelids fell closed over her green eyes, making her look as if she had fallen asleep this way. The image of a Shakespearean girl lying dead, beautiful on their death bed, flitted across my mind. She was so innocent. And pale. I walked toward her, not believing or understanding how this could have happened. The flag poles were high enough so that I was about a foot below her if I stood as close as I could.

I was shaking, Lavinia was my best friend. How could everything have come down to this? Is that why she was targeted? To hurt me? My eyes began to sting, the threat of tears close by.

Then my light went out, leaving me and Lavinia in utter darkness. I tensed, too horrified to produce another flame. "Well, well. I must admit I did not except you to join us. Welcome." Suddenly there was light filling the hall again, it bounced and reflected off of the blood. I was silent for a moment, simoly stairing at him. Roger. That was his name, Roger. He looked to be about 16 years old, this surprised me. Weren't evil characters supposed to be older then the victim? He was handsome, offcourse. Tall, with black hair and eyes contrasted with skin so pale it apppeared to me milk.

"Wh- wh-what did you do to her?!" I started feel shivers run up my body. Why was I so cold? I knew they answer, of course, before I even asked it. "What do you want from me?!" I had meant to scream it, but I was shivering so badly that I couldn't get it much above a whisper. "Oh, you think I did this? My dear Elise, you are gravely mistaken."  He simply stood there and smirked, and from behind him another shape emerged from the shadows. "Elise, don't believe him. It wasn't me." The boy looked slightly older then Roger, maybe 18? This boy had slightly lighter hair, but still the held the coal black complection. His eyes, however, were a crystiline blue so piercing that I felt as if she could fall into them. He was skinny, perhaps a little to much so for the popular frame of a boy, but he wasn't overly skinny.

I staired back into the eyes, I could only believe this man. Not the ignorant, phycopathic boy who had murdered Lavinia. I began to drift off.........the eyes.......... so beautiful........

"Woah, the girl, don't over do it." The younger boy was there, No, I thought, It should be the other one! But it wasn't. I could feel Roger's arms lifting her into a standing position, I must have fallen over, then. It didn't make sense, but it was the only explination. Why doesn't it make sense, I asked myself. But nothing made sense anymore. She realized that Roger's hands were still around her waist, his head still pressed to her neck. And then pain shot through her body.


The End

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