Man of Knowledge (Part 3)

Leon waited until night to leave. With Kameron, no other time was acceptable. And, of course, Eric was going to be back from his own work by then and not before. It had already been an hour since night had fallen, and the short kid had not shown himself. Leon would have known if he had shown up, too. Despite being short, he was built more heavily than even Tristen. Tristen only had experience on Eric.


Leon grimaced as Eric approached from down the hallway. His head was shaven and his arms exposed, leaving Leon feeling even weaker than he usually felt. "Do you always have to wear wifebeaters, man?"

Eric laughed. "I like the freedom. It makes me feel like I am closer to nature, you know?"

Leon sighed. Yeah, he knew. Everyone knew. What did Eric even do? Leon had never been told where he worked and, frankly, he was kind of afraid to ask. "Anyway, let's get going."

Eric nodded and started walking behind Leon. They made their way through the orphanage without making even the slightest sound. At least, Leon thought they were being silent. A bump and footsteps let Leon know otherwise.

"OK, whose there?" a familiar female voice called from down the hallway, "I can hear you from my bedroom."


Leon walked over to where his friend stood. She was in her daily wear, surprisingly, and not in the least bit surprised to see Leon in his.

"I knew it was you," she said with an innocent face, "So, where are we going?"

Leon almost laughed. The fact that they were up after they were supposed to be asleep kept his humor in, though. "Well, we are going to see Kameron."

Cat's eyes glowed. "Really?"

Leon nodded.


And with that, Leon now had two guests in his journey. Well, it was not so bad. With Cat, they were able to get out the quickest and most quiet way possible. After all, the girl was a ninja when it came to stealth. Everyone had their specialty, of course. Except Leon.

As soon as they reached the outside, Leon stretched. "Now, to see the man of knowledge."

Cat cheered and Eric laughed. They headed out toward the subway station, which was just down the road from the orphanage. Because of the location of the orphanage and it's sub-houses, the subway was rarely used. After all, almost no one used the storage facilities after SPACE technology became widespread. Why leave all your belongings in a storage for your future self if you can just place them all in a small machine that compresses space? It only made since. And, due to that, it made almost no one use storages anymore.

"So, any reason why we are seeing Kam?" Cat asked curiously.

Leon looked over his shoulder to make sure Eric was following. He was, but his eyes were on the trees alongside the road. The city didn't have any trees thanks to the vents that carried oxygen to it, so Eric was probably savoring them.

"Yeah," Leon answered, then pointed to his head. Cat made an 'o' shape with her mouth and kept silent. Thankfully. The less that knew about Leon's memory problem, the better. And there was no telling how reliable Eric was.

"There you are..."

Leon and Cat stopped as a man in a black leather outfit stepped out of the shadows in front of them. Eric ran into Leon's back, almost knocking them both over, a moment later.

"Well well, who do we have here?" the man said, his face hidden behind a veil, "Eric Stratos of the Rebellion."

Leon was shoved into Cat, knocking them both down, and Eric ran past them both and punched the man in black, knocking him back. "Hurry on, Leon!" Eric said, his voice serious and not holding an ounce of humor. He had NEVER been like this before, so Leon grabbed up Cat and they took off past the two me.

"What was-"

Leon silenced her. "We will figure it out later, we run to Kam now."

Hopefully, Eric would be alright, whoever he was.

The End

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