Man of Knowledge (Part 2)

Well, there was no need to let his thoughts dwell on dark things, so Leon started to head in after the mowers and shears were put back up. Since the Matron had assumed Leon was sick or something, she had been lenient. After all, who would want a sick orphan? Well, who would want a twenty year old kid anyway. Matron was simply being nice without seeming like she was again.


Leon turned to see Tristen running up, each of his steps making a loud stomp. WHy did he run inside the orphanage? It made Matron mad as well as annoyed a good bit of the orphans. Oh well. "What's up, Tristen?"

He slowed and the two boys started walking. "I have been thinking."

Leon nodded. "Yeah, we kind of do that sometimes."

"Shut up, you know what I mean," Tristen said, rolling his eyes, "Anyway, what if you asked Kameron about this bug thing? He might know a thing or two."

Leon turned to his friend with a large grin. "You are a genius! Why didn't I think of him sooner!" Being the guy who pays for most of the things Leon and his storage hunters find, he was a pretty smart guy. He had already proved it by telling them how regenerators work. Leon couldn't remember, but Ali had. She, of course, hated the technology.

"Well, thanks," Tristen said, "But the others probably already thought of it."

Leon got confused then. Why would he say that? "What do you mean?"

"Well, knowing you, if they told you, you would rush off to see Kameron even though it's dangerous." He looked concerned. That was Tristen, though. Always caring about his friends. But...

"Why is it dangerous?"

Tristen sighed. "Dude, you are smarter with that bug and you didn't even think about it, did you?"

Leon thought hard. Was there something he was missing. As they climbed the stairs to their rooms, Leon watched his feet. What was it Tristen had meant? Well, it was dangerous, so it might be the homeless? No, not really-

"It's the guy you killed, man!" Tristen whispered in annoyance. "Didn't mean to get mad, but you are kind of stupid now."

Leon sighed. "I know," he said, "After we finished with the grass I kind of went back to being me. I just knew all those things one minute, and the next I'm as clueless as I was..."

"Kameron might know why this happened, or it could even be a blessing," Tristen said slowly, "You should definitely go see him, but take someone with you."

"But who?"

Tristen smiled widely. "Well, I know of one guy who owes me a favor. Good fighter too. He nearly even beat me."

Leon sighed. "Please don't be who I think you mean..."

"Take Eric."

Leon slapped his hand over his face. Eric. Really? It HAD to be Eric! "Darnit Tristen! Last time we hung out he nearly freaked out on me!"

"Eric wouldn't hurt a fly and he is a pretty cool guy."

"Yeah, he only hurts humans..."

"He likes you man, no worries." With that, Tristen left Leon's side and headed to his own room. Well, no need in fighting it. Now, when Leon snuck out, Eric would be waiting on him. Probably hiding in a bush and eating some leaves. Leon chuckled. At least he would have entertainment on the walk to Kameron's. Even if it was unstable entertainment.


The End

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