Rebirth (Part 2)

“Ok,” Matt said slowly, obviously thinking about the situation calmly – despite being tied up and just watching something being put into his friend’s head – like usual, “So why tell us? Are you going to kill us or what?”

“Matt, sometimes asking things like that is NOT helpful,” Tristen said.

“Tristen! You’re awake!”

“Yeah, Leon, I am,” he answered stirring from behind Matt and looking back. The two ‘rebels’ seemed uninterested in the conversation for some reason. “I have been looking for a way out of this situation.” The large form of Tristen shoved Matt around and looked at Leon. “How you feeling.”

Leon shrugged – or did his best to, seeing as he was tied down. “Pretty good despite a bug in my head and memories of people I don’t know moving through my head every other minute.” Another one came, but he ignored it by focusing on his large friend.

“You are free to go.”

Leon jerked his head to the woman, who had walked over to his other side and was now unstrapping him. “Excuse me?”

The woman smiled and freed Leon’s left hand. “We have read your thoughts,” she explained, “and if there was any history of contact with NA troops of personnel, then we would be forced to kill you.” She smiled, as if that would help her threat be less frightening. Leon already felt like he would shiver his way out of  the bindings before the woman could untie him. Why did she have to make it worse? “But, you seem to hate them as much as we do.”

Cass was answering that one. “Of course we do! We are all orphans because of them!”

Ali stirred then. Was she OK? “Where… are we?”

“Don’t freak out, Ali,” Matt said, “But we are in a rebel base.”

Ali shook her head, her red hair clashing with Cass’ blonde. “Rebel? But.. I thought we were storage hunting?” She looked around, seeing her surrounding, and the armed men in her surrounding, for the first time. “Bloody hell!”

“Relax,” the large man said, “You are being released.”


It was nearly an hour later, after Ali and the rest were untied and Leon put through some questioning, that the group returned to the streets of the warehouse district. There was an odd…. Feeling going around the group. Leon mistook it for fear when it was something else entirely.


“Guys,” Leon said quietly, “I know this may seem odd, seeing how I now have a bug in my head because of those people, but I kinda want to join them…”

Cass turned on him, angry. “After what they did!? You might be dying right now for all we know!”

Ali grabbed Cass on the shoulder. “Calm down, Cass.” Leon started to feel acceptance, only to have a mad redheaded glare. Truly, redheads were the angriest of women. Ali was usually calm, though. When her anger did come through, at least it was only glares and huffing.

Tristen sighed. “I can’t help but agreeing…”

Matt was looking around, not paying any attention.


Matt looked at Cass, who was still angry. “Sorry, but has anyone seen Cat?”

Leon realized he had forgotten about her when they were being released. “I wonder where she went….”

Cass huffed. “I’ve known her for her whole life,” she said, “so she is probably watching us right now…”

Leon looked around. They had moved far away from the rebel warehouse, though had not left the warehouse district. It was still dark, though morning was not far off thanks to the others being late this night. That did not really seem too important right then, though. Where had that girl gone?

“Look,” Ali said, looking at Leon, “Cat is probably fine. She has escaped patrol after patrol when watching our arses, so those rebels couldn’t have even caught her. What I want to know is what happened to you!”

The others slowly looked to him. Matt was his usually analytical self, eyeing Leon as something to be understood, Ali looked to be curious as usually, Cass still looked angry as a wet cat, and Tristen had his usual blank face. Were they accusing him or questioning him? Leon felt a little nervous. What would he say? He could now remember some things from another person’s life? That just sounded crazy! Unless….

“Ali, regeneration is the process of reverting someone to their infant form, correct?”


“And Matt, didn’t you find that a lot of ‘rebels’ have access to memories they shouldn’t have?”

“Yeah, back when we found that warehouse full of NA reports and other junk.”

“Guys…” Leon licked his lips. This was impossible, wasn’t it? “I think the thing they put in my is causing me to regain my past lives.”

Cass looked confused. “That is impossible, though.”

Ali shook her head. “In order to do that, it would mean our memories are stored up after Regeneration…”

Matt nodded. “That makes since… Rebels… I wonder where they got that thing.”

“I might know!”

Everyone turned to see Cat’s small form walking out of the shadows with a folder in her hand.

Leon was the first to say it. “Where have you been!?”

Cat shrank back a little and then started to push her fingers together in a nervous way. “I didn’t mean to disappear… they came out of nowhere so I ran… Took me a while, but I managed to sneak into the warehouse in one of their uniforms and steal some info… I didn’t see you guys…” She looked about to cry. Leon would’ve felt bad, had he not been surprised that Cat had SNUCK into a rebel base and stole info!

Cass walked forward and put an arm around Cat, then glared at Leon. What did he do? “The important thing is that everyone is ok, I think…” Cat watched as everyone looked to Leon, then gave him a questioning look.

“Long story, Cat,” Leon replied. He looked to the sky. The sun would be up soon. “Come on everyone, we can figure this out tomorrow, right now we need to – “

Tristen fell in a heap, leaving a man in a full leather armor set exposed. Who in the heck-

Matt fell to the man’s punch to the gut and Ali, who tried to fight, was knocked to the ground with a backhanded smack. Cass shoved Cat back and rushed the assailant, but was knocked to the side easily. Cass, the strongest fighter among their group, had went down in an instant. What hope did Leon have? He could do nothing but watch as the Assailant chased Cat and knocked her out as well.

The man walked back and stood in front of Leon.

“Good, you are not as stupid as to try and fight me,” his deep voice said. Leon nearly suspected the large man from the rebels, but realized that this man was slimmer and way more muscled.

“Wh…. Who are you?”

“I am no one. Nor will I ever be anyone. All you need to know is that the NA requires you.” He looked to Leon’s fallen friends, all knocked out cold. “I suggest you obey if you don’t want worse to happen to them.”

Leon swallowed. What could he do? He was a weakling. Sure, he lead this group of Storage Hunters, but that was as far as it went. He never could keep his cool, though he did his best to hide that, and he couldn’t even fight. Back when he was in the orphanage, Tristen and Cass had defended him. He never fought without losing. Now, he was forced to face a man who could kill any of his superior friends with ease. Or probably die.

“I…. I’ll go.”

The man nodded, obviously glad he had gotten his prey so easily. He went to grab Leon on the shoulder and that’s the last Leon remembered. One moment, he had been ready to walk to his probable death, the next, the assailant was lying on the ground, being looked at by his friends. The black-clothed man looked to have both his arms broken and his face – now uncovered and showing what used to be a middle-aged man’s face – beaten with a club.

“What.. what happened..?” Leon asked shakily, his knuckles hurting for some reason. He looked down and noticed blood covering both of them.

“You killed him…” Matt whispered.

The End

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