Rebirth (Part 1)

“He looks to be a Storage Hunter, not some NA lapdog.”

“We cannot be sure. We need proof. He will remember his pasts.”

“With so little of the creatures, is it wise to use one on a kid?”

“I’m not a kid!”

Leon opened his eyes after a minute, barely adjusting to the light. So bright! How long had he been out? Where were the others? Where was HE?! Leon tried looking around, but all he saw were blurry colors and shapes. He couldn’t even tell if they were people or just something inanimate. What was wrong with his vision?

“Where are my friends!?”

A feminine voice answered. “They are fine, just relax.”

“You are unusually calm, Shannon,” a deep male voice said.

“It’s a stressful situation, Dakota.”

“True enough.”

Leon was becoming angry now. “Hey! I am still here! What is going on!? Why can’t I see!? Where am I!?” He was becoming scared. Most of the anger was a product of the fear. It was always like this. There was no way he could control his shaking body if he wanted to. Besides, it felt like he was tied up like an experiment or something. Darn those blurs!

“He is quite talkative,” the male voice said.

“Look,” the female voice whispered into his ear, “Just relax. We are going to insert a Genus Bug into your ear and allow it to burrow into your mind. This won’t-“

“You’re gonna do what!?” Leon was panicking now. What the heck did they mean, Genus Bug!?

“As she was saying,” the deep male voice said, “This Genus Bug will enter your brain and fuse with it, unlocking a locked section and releasing the memories of your previous lives and sending them to our computers. This will not hurt  you in any way.”

“Why?” Leon pulled at his straps, his vision still blurred beyond help.

“We need to make sure you are a good guy is all,” the female voice said.

Leon was about to ask what the woman meant, but a slimey…. SOMETHING just plunged into his ear. He didn’t know what to do. Should he freak out? No, that was what they wanted. What the heck was that!? It felt like it was in his head now. There should have been pain. There was no pain. Where was the pain!? At least then Leon could have something to keep his mind busy. Now all he had was raging anxiety and questions no one would answer. His darn vision was still too blurry to make out anything but blurry colors.

“What the heck…”

Was that Matt’s voice!? “Matt! Matt! Is that you!?”

“Yeah,” Leon’s friend replied, “Why am I tied…. What is in your EAR!?”

“You tell me, man.”

The deep voiced man’s voice came next. “This will determine whether or not you die.”

“Die? You mean regenerated, right?” Oh dear Matt, why would you ask these people, who had caught them and was now shoving something into Leon’s head, something like that?

“I mean kill.”

“Don’t scare them like that,” the female voice said, “It will only make things worse. Besides, they are probably innocent.”

“We will take no chances.

Darnit! Leon blinked several times and shook his head as the slimy creature slipped in the rest of the way. What WAS it!? How had it done that? What was going to happen? SO many questions, yet Leon wanted more to see! “Fix my vision! Your bug won’t find anything! Get it out and let me go!”

A deep laugh followed. “That bug is part of you now. Accept your past lives.”

“What are you talking about!?” Matt yelled.

Leon was about to say something, but forgot his words. Instead, his mind started playing memories. Only… this wasn’t right. Leon didn’t remember having a kid. He didn’t remember shooting basketball. Heck he had only played soccer. When did he drive a motorcycle? He was only 18! What was this….

A vivid memory came to mind. Leon was surprised at this, mainly due to his vision becoming that of this memory. Were they even memories? Yes, for some reason Leon was certain they were.


Leon turned to see a large man in a military uniform. He had two stripes and one star. This was a pretty important guy. Who was he?

“Yes, sir?” a deep voice replied from Leon. That’s right, he was in the memory.

“The virus has already done its damage, we need to get the final data from the boys in the lab. Tell them we need their Regenerator by the end of the month!” With that, the large man walked away. The memory blurred back, leaving Leon to his shrouded vision.

What was that?

Before an answer could even begin to form, Leon found himself in another memory. Around him formed a laboratory infested with lab-coated men and women and a wall of soldiers. The lab-coated people were begging for some reason.

“… could restore things back to their natural way!”

A large man in a military outfit, this one black with lots of buttons and its owner nearly twice the size of the previous memory’s military person, walked forward and put a gun against the lab-coated man who begged.

“We wish for things to stay the same.”

And that was it. The memory stopped and Leon was sent back to his own body. What was going on? What the heck was happening!? Either he was mumbling or the man and woman could see what was going on in his head, because Leon heard them talking as if he weren’t there again.

“He has memories we could use!” the female voice said.

“This is unforeseen,” the deep-voiced male said in a lower pitch, “and maybe what we needed.”

“What are you guys talking about!”


“Yeah, what are you doing to Leon!” And there was Matt again. Were the others alright, too?

“Shush now,” the female voice said, “He is in no danger and has just proven your innocence!”

“Who are you people?” Leon growled.

“Leon, you’re OK!”

“Yeah, I am fine, Matt, though my vision seems to suck right now.”

“One second,” the male voice said. Leon felt fingers pry his right eye open. As much as he detested a doctor’s hand, he let the man work. Better than rebelling and having a needle fall in his eye. Leon shivered at the very though.

Leon blinked as a liquid entered his eye. His vision instantly cleared up, but it was still too blurry to make out faces. What he did make out, while the darn man pried his other eye open, was an extremely large man, who dwarfed even Tristen. After his other eye was cleared, Leon turned to see a slender woman standing to his other side. She had dark hair and a pleasant enough face. For a person who had shoved a bug into his head.

“Who are you people!?”

The large man laughed a little, making the curly mop atop his head bounce a little. “We,” he said, stretching a hand behind him, “Are the rebels who oppose the NA.”

Leon looked down and, sure enough, saw dozens of men and women lining the warehouse. Half of them were armed with guns – not Regenerators, GUNS! – and vests. They looked about ready to fight a war! Turning to his side, he saw Matt’s dark face and Tristen as well. They had been tied together, with Cass and Ali tied in the same manor behind them. Cass looked angry, but Leon ignored that. Where was Cat?

The End

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