This is a story I have decided to do as my first published book. It is the future of Earth, the UN has transformed into the NA (National Assembly) and taken over the entire planet. The only reason they have accomplished this is through threats and the GENUS Virus. The virus has wiped out all reproductive abilities, thus forcing all humans to either submit to death or 'Regenerate.' Regenerating turns back the clock.

"Cat, Cass, Matt, Ali, and Tristen," Leon called. The hands raised with each name. Cat with her small frame and brown hair, Cass with her athletic build and blonde hair, Matt with his dark skin and buzzed head, Ali with her red hair and slight build, and Tristen with his large self tuckered in the back of the room. The gang was all here!

Leon smiled and ran his hand through his long dirty blonde hair. Such a good day today would be. Meeting in the abandoned warehouse with his friends was only the first part. Sure, they had taken freaking forever to meet up, but it would be alright.

"Alright," Leon continued, "Today we will be investigating the newest warehouse. What awaits us, you ask? Who knows. Will there be dangers!? Beats me. But, there is one thing I know for sure! And that is-"

"Dude," Matt said, standing off the floor and shaking his head, "We all know the speech and we don't have much time. Much as I love to hear you talk, I want to explore."

Ali and Cass sighed and nodded in agreement. Leon looked to Tristen, then Cat, for support. He got none.

"Fine..." Leon grumbled and walked toward the back of the room, opposite of where Tristen had been. Sheesh. No fun at all. It was times like this he wish he could fight. At least then he could LOOK intimidating. "Alright, Cat and Matt are on lookout duty. Cass and Ali, you watch our backs."

"Because you can't look back?" Cass was in a down right glorious mood today... 

"No, because you seem to want to run off to your guy, so I thought I would give you a chance." She turned red and the other girls looked to be excited. 

"Is he hot?"

"Does he have a good job?"

"How old is he?"

"When will we meet him?"

The questions would go on forever. Did girls always want to know everything. The 'guy' was actually just a regular guy. Sure, he was cool and worked in security around the city, but still just a guy. Leon only knew because he found them on a stroll one night. Pure luck, that.

"Guys, come on!" 

Matt was impatient to get started. Well, no wonder. If the Patrol found them, it was straight back to diapers. Damn Patrol, using Regenerators.... At least with a normal gun, you had the chance to survive.

"OK, initiate the plan!"

Cat and Matt ran outside the warehouse, pulling the hoods of their black jackets up as they went. They would be playing the part of the 'scout' tonight. Cass and Ali were 'back-up' and Tristen and Leon would be the main force. Of course, there would be no battle. There never was. Leon couldn't fight anyway. Despite being build like a surfer and his full beard, he was a wimp in a fight. Tristen, however, was a great fighter. Hopefully it wouldn't come down to that. Then again, rival groups were about tonight.

"Five minutes have passed," Tristen noted, moving toward the door. Leon sighed and followed after. So impatient. Couldn't they enjoy the night just a little? Leon followed after his large friend. The two girls stayed behind. They would follow after in five minutes. This was how it always was, though the order changed according to the job. Cat and Matt were the stealthiest and decent at fighting. Tristen and Cass were the strongest fighters among the group. And Leon was simply the guy who led them. Ali had her uses, but they were more in the intelligence field. Leon sighed. Ali could still kick his butt in a fight, though.

The night was dark, being a night of the new moon. Perfect. Leon had gotten intel on a warehouse being bought out just the week before and supply trucks carrying machinery were still coming in. This was no ordinary buyer. Maybe it was a National Assembly secret ops? Leon giggled, causing Tristen to glare at him. Leon rolled his eyes. Not his fault he was excited.

They passed warehouse after warehouse. In this part of South London City, there was nothing but these buildings. Why? Well no one knew that, but it sure was fun to poke around whenever a new one was being filled. Just the other week they had - with the exception of Cass, who was out smooching - found a warehouse full of Regenerator parts! Of course, the parts went 'missing' after that.

Leon was excited. He wanted to find out what was in the warehouse... 

They made it to the warehouse, appearing at the rear to meet up with Matt and Cat. 

"All clear!" Cat squeaked, looking as excited as Leon. Matt was focused on something, though.

"What is it, man?" Leon asked.

"Something seems off..."

Tristen nodded. "Of course something seems off. This is the first warehouse that has had this much attention."

Leon thought on that. What if it were dangerous? They would be Regenerated if this was a NA occupied building. But, that was the fun of this game they played.

"We wait for Cass and Ali, then we will move to the front."

Matt and Tristen nodded, but Cat seemed confused. Well, she was the newest next to Tristen. It was only natural. "If this is a NA building," Matt explained, "They are expecting the obvious, which is us Storage Hunters coming in from the windows. This makes the front doors the most vulnerable spot. Also, we can claim to be homeless who are lost if we are spotted. After all, a homeless group would be normal around here."

She nodded. Leon almost believed Matt. The idea about the homeless was flawed, though. Homeless would not be wearing black jeans, combat boots, and black jackets with large hoods like this group was. But still, no need to rain on his parade. 

Cass and Ali, both looking to be having a good conversation, strolled up at that time.

"Well, I take it the only two of this group who are in a relationship were talking about their men, huh?" Leon asked casually. Cass blushed, but Ali just smirked. 


"Tch, as if, Ali."

Cat shrank down a little. "Guys, keep it down."

Matt smiled at her. "No worries, they can't hear us from here."

Tristen nodded and reassured her. Good, the group was ready. Now they could find out what was in that warehouse. It was finally happening! Leon nearly giggled as he started forward.

And stopped.

Everything went black. The last thing Leon remembered seeing is a group of men in black, coming from the darkness of the night. Was this... Regeneration?

The End

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