March 18

Julia from 'The Age of Miracles" is going through a tremendous time in her life full of changes. Much like her, I'm going through changes in my life as well; not nesisarrily in the sence of changing as Julia is, but more of what I want to do in the future, or who I'm striving to be. Julia thinks that it is the slowing that is cauing the new changes to her everyday, when in fact, its the changes of life.  Julia (much like everyone else in the book) has been handling the situation so well, and it's suprising. I havent really noticed anyones moral 'right and wrongs' in life changing, people still remain rude, while others are still sweet and kind Everyone just continues doing normal things they would do in a regular day, and they don't worry about the conflict as much as I would of expected.  Julia seems like such a small and scared induvisual, and I would of never expected for her to not be afraid everyday.

If I was in a simmular situation, I would most likely break all the rules and start appreciating what I have left on the earth, since I'd most likely be one of the last remining people. However, I would most likey continue to live life normally too,  since the only thing thats changing is gravity and the speed the planet rotates. Others' reactions to the events taking place kind of tells me, that maybe I shouldnt worry too much about what the future would be like, but to focus more on the present. 

And lastly, the world hasnt really changed any (besides the long days and nights.) People still act the same as they normally do, because loosing hours doesnt contrubute to them loosing themselves. We also still see family disagreements (Julia's parents), bullying (Daryl), and people who homestly don't care about what is occuring anymore. Their emotions, feelings, and personalities havent been affected by the slowing of the earth at all.

The End

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