Living in a Sitcom

The life of two sisters, and there parents, and practicaly living it out, like a "regular" family would. If you really want to call us regular.

"Is that what he said?!" My Nanny bellowed from the other side of the island. I giggled, you could hear Nanny's yell from a mile a way. Us DelSignores were known for there face expressions but this time, her's was priceless. Thanks giving and Christmas were one of the few holidays where we had the whole family together. Turkey roasted in the oven, potatoes were being mashed, and carrots were being sliced. It was a thanks giving dinner. My Auntie and Uncle chatted about who knows what in the corner of the kitchen. My papa was talking to my dad. . probably about politics. Our family calls it the "P" word. My parents always try not to bring up the. ."P" word. But it eventually sneaks its way in through the many conversations. 

The End

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