Living HouseMature

7 orphans find a house where they hide because theyre on the run. theyre locked inside and it seems as the house comes to life...

Many years ago 7 orphans had one terrible year in their teen ages. They found a haunted house full of traps purposely trying to hurt them, like it was alive....

The story starts when all 7 meet. Their names were Max,Daisy,Gwen,Be,Alex,Molly and Rachel. Molly and Rachel were twins, Daisy and Ben were brother and sister, Alex,Gwen and Max came from seperate families. Daisy,Ben and Gwen were there from birth, Molly and Rachel arrived a few years later. A year after that Max and Alex came. Their ages were pretty similar, Max was 14, Gwen 16, the rest were 13 or 13 and a bit.

At the orphanage they were the only people who got teased just because they all had a problem like Molly and Rachel had epilepsy. So because of that they became a little group of unusual friends.

The End

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