Living hell- Peeta's point of view in the mud

I am in unbelievable pain. If this was hell, I'd understand why people want heaven. But I am not dead, I am alive. I am enduring living hell. For her, maybe, for her, definately. I'd do anything, I'd fight a million lions for her. But would I endure hell for her? Yes, I would. I want to die. Be rid of this pain. But I can't let go until I see her face. Just one more time. So here I lie, it feels like days. I almost give in so many times, but I tell myself, I have to know she's ok. Maybe to even hear her voice. Why am I in this mud? I could be anywhere else but in this mud. Why would I still feel the pain in my leg? Would this hell go on forever? Would it ever stop and let me be? When I hear the new rule, I almost give up with releif. I almost give in to my pain, but then I see her. It is a miracle come true, but she can't see me. It takes up all my strengh to speak. When I do she almost steps on me. I smile absentmindedly. Because I will make a point of staying alive, not only for her, but for my family, but a big part is for her. I open my eyes and that one glimpse of her beautiful. Perfect fac, is enough to me. I will live for her. I would die for her. But I wouldn't have to. We could be together. Be a couple. But then I think of Gale. How could she forget Gale? I let that thought pass. I was now in heaven, the pain was even durable. If she was there with me...

The End

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