The Phone Call

It was about eleven o'clock at night when Paris returned to the mansion. Surprisingly, Carl was home. Groaning she did her best to just walk past him but he stepped in her way.

"Your mother told me what happened earlier. Why didn't you listen to her?" he asked sternly. That was one of the many things that annoyed Paris about him.

"You know just because Jeanette married you doesn't mean you can tell me what to do!" Paris remarked rather rudely, shoving past him.

"Your mother asked me to speak to you when you got home so that's what I'm doing." he replied grabbing her arm. Paris tried to shake him off but his hold was to strong.

"You're not my father." Paris said darkly her long bangs shadowing her eyes making her seem a little evil. "Let go of me." Neither Carl nor Paris could explain what happened next. One moment Carl was holding her arm and the next Paris had thrown him over her shoulder and slamed him on his back.

Shocked, Paris quickly ran to her room before everyone else came down to see what the noise was. Even in her room she could hear the conversation going on downstairs.

"What happened?" Jeanette exclaimed as she saw her husband groaning on the floor of the front room.

"I don't know how you deal with that girl Jean! Agusta is out of control!" Carl yelled as Ivan and Chip helped him up.

Paris couldn't take it anymore. She opened to door, walked back down to the front room and glared at Jeanette and Carl.

"My name is not AGUSTA! It's Paris!" Everyone grew silent as Paris spoke. Paris even noticed a hint of fear in Carl's eyes. Before she could say anything else she new she's regret she stormed back to her room, slamming and locking it behind her.

The next morning there was an awkward silence as the family ate breakfast. The silence was broken when the phone rang. Jeanette answered it.

"Agu- Paris," she said tentivly "It's for you." she held the phone out.

"Who is it?" Paris asked standing up. Jeanette shrugged. Paris sighed as she took the phone and went to her room. "Hello?"

"Hello Paris." a male's voice spoke. It sounded young.

"Who is this?"

"This is Adam."

"I'm sorry but I don't know any Adams." Paris said causiously

"Are you sure 'cause I know who you are."

"Alright seriously who is this?" Paris demanded "If you don't tell me right I'm going to hang up."

"Come on sis! I'm your brother for cryin out loud!" Paris hung up the phone.

"Who was it?" Chip asked as Paris returned to the kitchen and put the phone back on the reciver.

"Wrong number." Paris lied "I'm going to go take a walk. Don't expect me to be home anytime soon."

With that said she walked out of the mansion.

The End

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