Living A Lie

Paris Saunders is forced to live with her mother, her step-father, her older brother Ivan and her younger brother Chip in a mansion. She has many good friends. She really thinks her parents don't understand her and doesn't get along with them. Just after her 14th birthday she gets a phone call from a mysterious stranger who calls himself Adam. When Paris begins investigating the first person she asks is her mom who always changes the subject when she asks about Adam. What is her mother hiding?

     A young girl with long black hair sat outside on a large wall that surrounded the Gillespies Mansion. Her name was Agusta Paris Saunders the second eldest child of the Gillespies family. But she just went by Paris.

     The Gillespies Family consited of five people. There was Jeanette Gillespies who was the mother of the children. Then there was her husband, Carl Gillespies who was Jeanette's second husband. Next came Ivan the eldest son and heir to the Gillespies household. After him there was Paris who looked younger than she was. And last but not least, Alvin but Paris called him Chip instead because his name reminded her of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Plus he prefered Chip anyways.

     Today was Paris's birthday but to her birthdays were just like regular days. She hadn't been in the birthday spirit since her father had left them. Joshua Saunders. Carl wasn't much of a father anyways. Paris hardly saw him around anyways. So to prove her point to her mother about how unhappy she was she had kept her father's surname. She refused to have Gillespies be her last name. Everytime she heard that name she felt like throwing up.

     Paris didn't know why her father had left them. He just had. Him and Jeanette had an arguement and a few days later Josh had packed his bags and left. That was seven years ago and he sent her letters daily. She wanted to go see him badly but every time she asked her mother the answer was always no. In many of her letters to her father she had pleaded for him to come and take her away but he always said that he couldn't. He'd be thrown in jail if he did something like that.

     "Agusta!" Jeanette called from the door "Come inside for luch!" Paris winced as her mother called her by her horrible first name. Even her father had agreed it was ugly. Paris had no idea how Agusta sounded pretty to Jeanette.

     "Jeanette! How many times to I have to tell you that my name is Paris! Not Agusta!" Paris called over her shoulder, not moving from her spot on the wall.

     "Just come in for lunch!" her mother called back in reply, clearly hurt.

     Instead of turning back to the house, Paris jumped down on the outside of the wall and continued walking no matter how many times Jeanette called her back.

The End

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