Liverpool Mystery

Story of two detectives and their experiences in a haunted hotel of Liverpool.



“Oh! Such a relief! Only 2 periods left and we all will be out of this place.”-said Frankie, a punk rocker of the school. He was happy that school was going to be closed for 25 days.


“School is not a suffocating place. Its an institution for the education of a child and for building up his future.-said James,a total geek.A nerd,actually.He was a boring guy,always lost in books,even though he studied hard,he was never the student in the top TEN list.But was good at french.


“Shuttup nerd!Wassup guys??what’s goin’ on?”-asked the first hero of our story-HUDSON


“Not much Hud.Just enjoying thinking about winter holidays.So where are you going?”

“We….”while Hudson was going to speak -out,his brother answered-


“Liverpool guys.Liverpool.We are going to Liverpool-that is United Kingdom.


“Liverpool???Why?Why not london??”-asked the frequently confused Wendy.


“Coz we ought to learn the Liverpudlian dialect.”-answered Watson sarcastically.


“why?”-asked James.


“OH!You won’t understand man!”-said Hudson


When they heard the last bell ring,they screamed,


And went to their respective homes.

But for our heroes,it was headquarters.


They both took some of their mystery goodies and went to their homes


Then they both got fresh and sat in the net to get the information of Liverpool’s HAUNTED hotels and resorts.


They were not understanding what to do.So they called their English friend-Pietersen.



Now……..what will happen?????


FLIP To THE NEXT PAGE!!!fasttt!!!










“I think  Country Club is better than your choice-said Watson.

“No.Lake view is far much better dude…”


“Neither of them is better.”

-said Pietersen,their friend.


“So what’s your opinion?”-asked Hudson.


“Bon Vivant Hotel.Adjacent to Lime street station.”

“What is so special ‘bout it?”


“It’s a UNIQUE TYPE OF haunted hotel.Just like Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire”


“oh really??”-asked Watson


“I don’t believe it.”-Hud said


“Okay.So see this.”-Pete said


Pietersen typed something and then some search results were shown.Somewhat like this:


1.CountryClub:BON VIVANT hotel,Lime street station-à

ROOM 1 and 22-haunted rooms.





Then Hudson clicked the link.

A black page was there.


A story came up—


A man called,Andrew Williams was said to be the owner of the hotel.He built this hotel in 1998.He had built this hotel to serve the daily commuters.But things drastically changed and he made this a stay hotel.He made 40 rooms. Out of which 2 rooms are said to be haunted.They are said to be haunted because in the first of them,Andrew is said to be dead and in the another he had kept his grandson and the rest of the family.They died in the 22nd room.Now it is said the souls of the Williams family roam about,scaring the visitors unnecessarily..

It is said that Andrew was killed and so was his family.Who killed them,is never known.A person called Anderson is said to be the present owner and the manager.He is Andrew’s relative.Daring visitors have gone there,lived there.They have come back,but most of them have phasmophobia now.

It is said Anderson is sometimes not seen in the hotel.

These two rooms are said to be purposely vacant on 27th of December and  30th of December because of these two being the death dates of Williams family and strange happenings taking place here……So please beware!!!!


After reading all this,Hudson said, “cool!”


“Yeah it sure is!We are gonna stay there man!”-said Watson


“Oh really!! You guys sure have guts!!”-said Pietersen.


“That’s why we are the two detectives!!!”

“Hey guys…I gotta go! So long!”


“so long”-said Watson and Hudson


“Hey that hotel is really scary man.It exites me!!! I wanna reveal the real secret of the mystery.”-said Watson


“So do I!”-said Hudson.



Their mom called them for dinner.They had it and then they went to buy earphones,bluetooth,and some gizmos that would make them solve the mystery far more easily.


Then they returned back to their room.







Then they packed their luggage.


“You know.We should have one more companion.I get bored when only two of us solve the mystery.If someone accompanies us….it would be a blast!!!”-said Hudson


“You know….we two are twins.And we think mostly,the same thing at the same time.I was thinking the same thing.we should have one more person…making us the THREE DETECTIVES.”-said Watson


“Maybe fate will make us meet someone.You know I am having an intuition to meet someone more intelligent than us.”-said Hudson//



And his intuition was totally right!


Good morning Hudson.”-said Watson,waking Hudson up from sleep.It was time for their flight…

“Good morning,bro!Is it 5:30 already?”


‘More than that.Our flight is due at 7:30.Refresh yourself and come outside.The sedan is waitin’ for us.”


“10 mins……”-said Hudson


“Okay!”-said watson.


Then after sometime they were putting their luggage in the

Backside of the coupe.Then they sat and after half an hour they reached the air port.


Then hey fulfilled all the requirements.They were going to reach Liverpool at 7:20 a.m,next morning.

They sat in the was chilly cold.There was no stoppage.It was a direct flight.A boy came inside the aeroplane.He looked like an Indian.He was a seat companion of our two detectives .


Watson got exited in the flight.So he took some pictures of the inner view of the flight.It was their first trip outside the continent.


“Hello.”-said that guy.

“Hi!’-said Watson.Hudson was fast asleep.


After one hour,the three of them were wide awake.Then they started conversing.


“My name is Aseem.You better prefer


“Sam,we are Hudson and Watson.Um..we are amateur detectives.We are students,actually.and you?”


“I am also an amateur detective.This time…going to stay in the Bon Vivant hotel.Room no 22…

“Hey we too!But we decided to stay in Room 1,we will share our knowledge about the mystery.”


“OF course we can.’’-said Sam,in a very indianish tone.


Then they started discussing about the hotel.Sam gave them more info.

“I read a newspaper.It said some voices of a boy crying comes.he wails,hollers and says, “I want my grandpa back.”


“Oh!”-said Watson/


A man behind them was eavesdropping their conversation.But then he said, “Sorry to interrupt.I was listening to your conversation.I ought to tell you all something.”-said that man in a typical french dialect.


“shoot!”-said Hudson


“See.I am a resident of Lime street . Bon Vivant hotel is very near to my cottage.My window faces the room no.1’s window.I have seen some strange happenings.”


“For example??”-asked Watson.


“I live with my grandson.His parents are in London doing some kind of business.But due to the hotel’s strange happenings, my grandson has got Phasmophobia-fear of ghosts;Due to which,his parents are going to fetch him in the next 23 days.I will not be able to live alone.Okaaay…I got emotional….Let me come back to the main thing.Once I saw Andrew William’s ghost,telling,”Franklin where are you??Esther darling?Jason?????where are you all….missing you lots!!!”

And the very next day grandson heard-“I am here .its your loving Esther,father-in-law.”

“Hmmm…..Esther was his daughter In law then!”-said Sam.


“And one day,when my grandson was peeping through the window,Andrew William’s ghost saw him and said, “what?? Please don’t eavesdrop…these are family matters!!HAAAHAAAA!! and then he vanished.”


“OMG!!!He saw your grandson?”-asked Hud.


“He sure did!!”-said that man.


“You are going to be a perfect help for us .Will you help us solve this mystery?”


“I will surely help you out.anything to get my grandson back…”-said that man.


“OH!I feel sorry for him.”-said Watson


Then….the day went away…………..and our characters were now in the John Lennon Liverpool airport.



Then they took a cab and told the driver to take them to the hotel.First,the driver got scared.

“That hotel??? Oh no!!! I can’t!!!”


“You have to!!”-said Watson


“So give me 6 pound more…is that okay to you?”-asked the driver.




When they were sightseeing Liverpool and reached near Lime street, they could smell mystery all over.


Then they reached the hotel’s reception.

An awkward looking man was sitting there.He was 6 feet 2 inches tall and had a very typical voice.


“Sir,what can I do for you?”- he asked.


“I want the key to room number 22.”-said Sam.


“Oh really?Are you sure sir?”




Then that man,without any more hesitation,gave him the key.


And he did the same thing with us too.


Then we reached the room.

Our room was clean and well furinshed.Mostly old styled.


But a strange smell came in the bathroom.

“Hey….Some smell is coming from the bathroom.Can you sense it bro?”


“Oh I surely can!!its awfully smelly!It will be very hard to take a bath!”


“I agree!”


There,in Room number 22,everything seemed different.


Sam thought that the room was a common room.Resembling a small house.


It was nice.But he also got some type of smell in the dining space.


He didn’t know why.


All the three detectives took pictures of the room after refreshing themselves.

Then they decided to go to that man’s cottage.


Then they reached his house.Hudson and Sam had brought their digital cameras.


That man welcomed them.He asked them for tea.They were hungry,so they said yes.


WHEN that man went to make the tea,Hudson started roaming about.He told Watson to keep his earphone on.And he gave one to Sam too.They both did not undertand what he wanted to do.


“I have smelt something fishy in here.”-said Hudson.


Then without making any noise,he went to a nearby room,from which,a unusual type of scarlet light was coming.He secretly went inside the room and kept the door as it was before so that no suspicion could take place.


When that man came with the tea,he asked-

“where is that fair chap?”


“Oh he had forgot something.So he went to the hotel.”-said Sam,making up a story.


But that man was not satisfied.


“Why don’t you to sit with us? Let’s talk.”-said Watson.


“Uhm…why not? Wait..I am coming.”


He was heading towards the room in which Hudson was there.


“he is coming…hide!”-said Sam through the earphone.


Hudson,without panicking,hid inside the closet.


The man came inside.


Hudson was peeping through a small hole in the closet.


That man,shifted the almirah and was putting a poster on some blood stains.


But Hudson’s hand worked fast on the camera and he took the picture of the blood stain.


Then the man came out.He looked happy then.


“That boy didn’t come yet?

“he is a lazy creature.”


Oh.I see”


“Tell him to bring sugar.”-said Hudson to watson.


“Can you bring me some sugar ,sir?”


“Oh,my pleasure.”


Then,utilizing the time in the most careful manner,Hudson came out.


“This  man is dangerous.”


Then that man came.Thank God he did not hear what Hudson had said.They took out their earphones.


“Oh so you came chap?”


“Um..I am Hudson,Sir.”




“You got it!”-said Hud.


“Okay sir..i am feeling tired.i gotta go! Au revoir!”



“Bye”-said that bald man.



Come to our room Sam…fast…….gotta show you something.”




Then Sam came to them. Hudson took out his laptop and loaded the pictures.


There was a picture of some blood stain marks.

“See…I took this picture when that man was trying to hide these blood stains.But the thing is,,…he is not there in the photo.Instead of him….there is kind of smoke emerging.


And then he zoomed the image to make them read the text..


It was somewhat like this


brûlez cette  maison pour me rendre libre

brûlez cette  maison pour me rendre libre

pour que personne n'ait peur de moi

pour que personne n'ait peur de moi

pour que je ne sois pas vu


what is all this?-asked Sam.


“Its French….yes it is.”-Watson


“How can we understand??”-Sam


“James.”-said Hudson


“That jerk???? How?”-asked Watson


“He knows French very well.”


“How do you know?”-asked Watson.

“You will see.”-said Hudson


“Let us do the work in my room.I wanna change my dress.”

-suggested Sam.


“Yeah!”-said Watson


“We are coming after one hour.”


Then they went to Sam’s room.


“The same smell…..ugh!”-said Hudson


“Get back to work….”-said Watson.


“Give me your mobile.”-said Hud to Watson



He gave him his mobile.Then he dialed James’s number.


“hello??”-said James


“Um…Is this James Hampson?”




“Hey James…I am Hudson speakin’”


“Oh..Master Hudson….so how are you’


“Don’t care! Can you understand French?”


“Of you want some help in french…?”


“Yeah..I do…I am telling some lines…please write them down….and when you understand it…please call back….phone number is 9223456575.”


“Okay…wait a second”




“Yeah tell.”

“brûlez cette  maison pour me rendre libre

brûlez cette  maison pour me rendre libre

pour que personne n'ait peur de moi

pour que personne n'ait peur de moi

pour que je ne sois pas vu”


“Okay….i will tell you…..pleae repeat your number!”



“Thank You..Bye!”-said James


“Bye!”-said Hudson


Then Hudson said,”You know what Sam….Watson…I realised something right now.”

“What?”-asked both sam and Watson..


“Your room looks just like the room I entered.”


“what??”-Sam,acting a li’l bit awkward.

“yeah…everything seems same.”


“Really??”-said Watson


“Wait..there’s a call coming from James.”


“Hey………..Hudson….I understood it!”


Really?”what does it mean?????”


“See the second line is the repetition of the first line and the fourth line is the repetition of the third line.”




“The meaning goes something like this:



brûlez cette  maison pour me rendre libre

àLet me come out of this home…

pour que personne n'ait peur de moi

àSo that no one is afraid of me

pour que je ne sois pas vu
à so that no one could see me.


“Is that okay?”-asked James


“Thanks……….that is a lot coming from you…thanks really!”


“Okay..Au revoir!”




“THAT means we have to burn that cottage??”


“But it is so gigantic!!!!! A bomb blast would also take time.”


“okay.We will think about that afterwards.But what does this mean…??-asked Hudson.



“the resemblance of Sam’s room and that cottage’s room?”


“Maybe I have the answer.”-said an unfamiliar voice…a different tone……………….but from a familiar person……….















IT WAS SAM>>>>>>>







“sam?? Why have you changed your voice????”



“I am not Sam.”


“So who are you??”-said hudson


“Andrew Williams”-said Sam


“What???”-Hudson exclaimed.


“Yes  I am Andrew”


Then something peculiar happened to Sam.Then he became normal.


“Hey what happened.Why are you staring at me??”-said Sam.


“You just now changed to Andrew Williams.”


“I did??”


“Yes you did.I think the ghost has gone inside you.That is why you are behaving in a strange manner.”-said Hudson.


“No Hudson,no.It is something else.Sam,do you have a extrasensory problem?”-said  Watson



”Yes.My mother told me once.Whenever I hear somebody’s story,and it exites me;I try to become the character.And until you came,I tried to make the room just like the one you showed us in the laptop……………..




“Chaps!!! Fair chaps talking to meh?? What do ya’ll want?”-Sam changed to andrew.


“Oh no!!!!! what to do????”-said Hudson


“Not to worry.Just call his real name back.”




“No..Aseem.Aseeeem!!”-shouted watson


Sam returned to normal condition. Hud gave him water.He was feeling better.


“See till now we have 2 clues and 2 questions.



1-                   maybe,just maybe, that man in the cottage is a ghost of Andrew Williams.

2-                   We shall have to burn the cottage;but maybe this not solve the problem.



1-                   Who are the ghosts in the rooms?

2-                   What is the reality of the manager-Anderson.”-said Hudson


“Maybe I can prove the first clue.”-said Watson

“How”-asked Sam.

“Load the pictures of my mobile.I took some photos of the flight.”-said Watson to Hudson.


“Hm.Okay”-said Hudson


After he loaded the picture,Watson clicked the picture in which there was a photo of their fligh seat’s backside.It was the photo taken when the doors of the plane were closed.And…………………




That french man was not there.The place was vacant,


“U O!!”-said Hudson.


“He is the ghost!!!”-said Sam


“And phasmophobia,grandson,business of parents was the truth of anderson and Williams family!!!”-said Hudson


“So…maybe he is Andrew.But maybe there is no ghost.”-said Watson




“Anderson.”-said Watson.


“We have to know his truth.Wait for tomorrow to come,and this game is gonna be more mystifying and baffling dude!!!”-said Watson














“How we will make Anderson tell his truth?”-asked Hudson


“Fool! We will ask the neighbours!!”-said Sam


They both started the mean time,Watson went outside and came after 15 mintues


“They all seem so dull to ask!!”-said Hudson



“No.I noticed one man.”-said Watson.




“A man who lives just next door.”


“You mean in the hotel?”-asked Sam.




“Who is he?”


“Andrew Williams.”-said Watson


“Are ya crazy????????”-said Hudson


“Oh no I am not.I heard someone shouting ‘ere.So I went outside while you were fighting like prep kids. So I recorded this conversation.wanna hear??”


“Of course!!!!!!”-said Hudson.


He pressed the PLAY button.


“10 yrs of your life Andrew,10 years.I took revenge.I avenged you.I took vengeance from you,Mr.Williams.You destroyed my father’s life,I destroyed yours.So simple!!!!!,no??? 1998-2008,oh what a memorable period of time. Now you are sixty.maybe killing you know is far more than better,or say best???







“So what do you think??”-said Watson


“Let us break into the room just now!!!”


They all went and tried hard to open the door and at last they succeeded.


“What is happening ‘ere??”-asked Anderson.


“Franklin….dear…………”-said Andrew….






“Yes grandpa.I am here. I am here grandpa……”


“How did you come here???”-asked Anderson.


“You tried to kill me.But you were not able to do so.You killed my parents but you closed grandpa in this room.As you wanted to chalk your plan out and execute it, You spreaded the rumor of this hotel being haunted. I went to India with one uncle of mine,who was going to settle there.I changed to Hindu.I became Aseem  from Franklin.

But I did not know who is this man in the cottage.”

“He is a drama artist. He also works for Anderson.He makes him know who is coming to their hotel and starts working.”-said Williams


“Shut up you!!”-said anderson


“Why would I?? You did not make me divulge your truth.Now Franklin is ‘ere.He will destroy you.”


“pa,I am here with you for these two guys.They are Hudson and Watson.They are great detectives.”


“Oh you destroyed my plans! I wanted Williams to be my slave. He had destroyed my father’s life.He made him his hotel partner but never shared the money.”-said Anderson


“I always shared but he wanted more.”-said Andrew Williams.


“Now you will be behind the bars !!!”-said Franklin


“But why did you want to burn the cottage??”-asked Hudson.


“It was written by me. So that I would not suffer his orders.”-said Andrew.

“Tell more.Recording is still going on!!!!!!”-said Watson



“Hello Police?? Please come to the Lime street Bon Vivant hotel.And yes,its not haunted.Because the ghost will now be behing the bars.”-Aseem was talking to the police.




The drama artist was put behind the bars.

And so was Anderson.


Watson and Hudson then went back to their hotel.


They packed their bags and took all their things.The smell was coming because of the seapage.duh!


Then they went to Andrew’s room to bid him and Aseem goodbye.


But they were not there.


Then they went to the reception.They found a  beautiful girl sitting as the receptionist.

She said,” Yes sir.Checking out?”


“Yes.But where is Andrew Williams and Aseem?Aseem.He checked in with us.He is better known Fanklin”


“Andrew Williams? He died 10 yrs ago.Anderson killed him.He died because of brain hammorage.He had an assistant.He died too.He was a drama artist.He died in an aeroplane crash which was coming from America to Liverpool. And Franklin? He died on his way to India with his uncle.It was because their ship sank. So you are checking out sir?”


Watson and Hudson were staring at each other.

Hudson said,”Yes we are.”-


Then they came out of the hotel.But they turned back to take another look at it.The girl was smiling at them.She came out.Then she was coming towards them. Then her smiling face changed to a mournful one.She shouted taking names of her family.One by one Andrew,anderson,Franklin and Jason came out.Then they bid Hudson and Watson a warm goodbye and disappeared.











The End

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