Maybe the dead girl was just playing a huge trick on me. Maybe there wasn’t anything I could do here. Maybe it was just one last evil thing she could do, trick someone into staying at her house, and eat through dinner which would have made rocks seem chatty. It would seem like something a snobby, rich girl would do.

Lying in bed, I couldn’t get to sleep. I was wondering if Mum was alright with the other three. Could she manage by herself? What would I say to my friends when I didn’t catch the same bus with them in the morning, “Sorry guys, it’s just that I’m staying a dead girl’s house for a while. No biggie.”

Eventually I got up and went for a glass of water. Knowing this house I would be able to melt it straight off a glacier from the Antarctic they were so rich. I groped around for the light and hobbled downstairs, where I heard Leila’s parent’s whispering in hushed voices.

“This is crazy Deb’s, what were we thinking? We look like lunatics, taking in a random boy! How is this supposed to help us…”

“It’s not!” Deb hissed, “It’s so we can sleep at night knowing that our daughter’s final wishes were carried out…”

“How can you sleep at night? I know I can’t, and that boy staying here is not supposed to help! I have no idea what Leila was thinking…”

“Don’t you dare insult our daughter, don’t you dare!” Debbie quipped, “She was the best thing that ever happened to us, and she was perfect! We were perfect-”

"When were we ever perfect Deborah?” Alfred asked, “Really? It was all for her, wasn’t it? Every last flaming bit was for her. You never understood her, or me…”

“Don’t talk to me about not understanding! I understand more than you will ever know!”

Alfred exploded, “You never gave a damn about me! You stayed because of her! Not me! You abandoned me the same day you…”

He all of a sudden stopped. I heard it to. A soft purring coming from…

…my legs.

My reflexes butted in as I kicked the cat across the room where it landed on its four feet and scarped towards the back door and out the cat flap. But the damage was done.

The dead girl’s parents were looking at me. A mixture of sadness, anger and embarrassment played across their faces. I tried to salvage the situation.

“I..Um…came down for a drink”

Debbie shook herself, “oh of course, “she grabbed a glass and stuffed it in my hands, here you go”,

“Cheers” I said, and scurried back upstairs and went back to bed.

Now it was dawning on me why I was here. ‘There are reasons as to why you need to do this’. Leila’s family had problems. Big problems. Problems that made even my not-being-able-to-buy-a-mobile problems look miniscule. And Leila was trying to get me to save them. Well, sorry Leila, this was not my battle to fight.

I rolled over and closed my eyes. Then it dawned on me.

How did Leila even die?

The End

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