“You’re crazy” I said, “I can’t do this”

“I know Leila had far-stretched ideas,” Leila’s mum pleaded, “but we need you to do this. We will offer you free food and board, and your welcome to have anything you want during your time here. Consider it a holiday!”

“Debbie believes that Leila’s sole will not rest until her wishes are carried out,” explained Leila’s dad, “and while I think this is a bit strange, I want Leila’s last wishes to be fulfilled. If you do this for us you will be doing us a massive favour, and we would forever be in you debt. Please, just consider it!”

I shook my head, “Your crazy” I repeated.

Debbie looked pleadingly at her husband, “Alfie…”

He shook his head, “We can’t force him to stay here Debbie, what Leila was asking us to do was a bit extreme, even for her…”

Debbie, turned to me, “It won’t be for long, just a week or two. You could sleep int eh guest room, and you can still spend time with your family, for example once every Friday evening! We can have an arrangement! “

I shook my head.

“Please” she said in a voice nothing more than a whisper, “we need this.”

I looked around and my eyes lander on the picture over the mantle place. A smiling girl shone out of the picture, her eyes dancing. While she was pretty (without being my type) she had a look about her that made her look older than she probably was.

“Look, while I see your distress, I can’t help you. I have my own family, my own LIFE. The last thing I need is someone else’s as well!”


With that I got up. Debbie took something out of her pocket and handed it to me.

“Just in case you change your mind” she pleaded.

I took it, and left.

The End

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