I'm so sorry

Greetings unfortunate person. I am your friendly neighbourhood dead person. Well, I assume so anyway, as you would not be given this letter if that was not the case. So the facts:

  1. I’m dead (I know, bummer, eh?)
  2. Someone found my ‘last wishes’ which I hid in a box under my bed. I am writing this from my last summer holiday, whenever that was, but I was sixteen at the time.
  3. I need you. I’m sorry about this, but I need you to be me. Not for long, just for a month or two. Keep going to your school, and act as you normally would. I wrote in the letter to my parents that as soon as someone of my own age, and completely unrelated to me, they should give them this letter and convince you to stay
  4.   You will be given free room and board and anything else you would like, considering I no longer need my trust fund or school fee.
  5.  There are reasons as to why you need to do this. I will help you along the way. For now, I just need you to look after my parents. I don’t care who you are, or what you have done in the past (just in case you are a psycho axe-wielding murderer), I just need you to do this.
  6. Thanks

Good luck,

Leila Sophia Bernstein  

The End

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