As I entered (I say entered, what I mean was dragged with malicious force) the huge house, my feet landed on a plush purple rug. The old man slammed the door behind me, and called out ‘Debbie, I’ve got one’. Got one what? I looked around the spacious hallway, and noticed a trail of pictures leading up the stairs, hung on pristine white walls. There was a coat rack with a few coats on it, and a full length mirror was next to the doorway. Just your average middle class hallway, I was guessing.

I felt something curl around my legs, and l looked down to find a white cat, hosting one black ear, circling my legs. I hated cats. I leaned down to grab it by the collar and chuck it somewhere far, far away, when I noticed something. Behind a umbrella stand, out of sight was a tally. I quickly counted. There were 54 notches, mainly in black pen, some in pencil.   

I suddenly realised that, actually, I had just been (technically) kidnapped, and quickly stood up to find I was being stared at. A thin, tall woman stood there, with a pinched face and the same bloodshot eyes as her husband (I assumed). Her tea dress was crumpled, but her eyes held no emotion. She motioned to a doorway and said ‘Come’.

I’m not good with orders, and was about to say ‘what do I look like a Labrador?’ when I suddenly realised I was a guest. Kidnapped guest, maybe, but still a guest. I followed her into a spacious living room, where the woman pointed to a clean white sofa. I sat down, placing my bag at my feet. What the hell was going on?

The man sat down in the armchair next to me, and the woman perched on his other side. They stared at me. I shuffled in my seat. I’m not good with attention.

I said, ‘can I offer you a free selection of garlic bread, if you spend £12 or more on...’

The man shook his head, “we didn’t bring you in hear for discounts, we need you for something else.”

Right, now I was getting truly freaked out. I had heard of families like this, and I wanted no part of it. I was about to say this when the man stuffed, with some force I might add, a letter into my hands.

“Read this,” he said, “then you’ll understand”

The End

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