So, there I was, minding my own business, just delivering adverts for the take-away pizza place where I worked on Friday and Sunday evenings. Personally, I hated that job, but I really needed the extra pocket-money, I was hoping to save up for a new mobile. My old one was crap. Maybe there were other motives, like the new fit blonde girl who recently joined the sixth form. You could tell at a glance she was high maintenance, but that didn’t put me off her. She was drama student, taking English and music as well. She kept saying how she was going to be famous in the future. Personally, I just wanted a job where I didn’t have to walk the freezing streets in the middle of winter.

As I approached this really expensive house, I couldn’t help thinking how lucky they were. A huge house, proberbly with four bedrooms, with window boxes and a big brown wooden door with a golden Lion for a knocker. A hug yew tree was planted outside, casting shadows onto the driveway with two huge 4x4 cars. my insides twisted with jealousy. I lived with my Mum and three siblings, aged between twelve and seven, with me being the oldest. Our house was tiny, I shared my shoebox bedroom with my brother, Nick, who was ten, and a serious pain in the…oh, damn, the flier just flew right out of my hand.

I picked it up and was just going to put it through the door of this really posh house, when the door opened and a man with bloodshot eyes opened the door and glared at me.

Middle-aged, with a hung face and a small nose, although his hair was quite thick, only greying at the sides. What got me was his eyes. They were dead. Dead man walkin’ like eyes.

He looked me up and down, then said gruffly, “You’ll do” and before I could off him a ten percent discount on pepperoni pizza’s, he had grabbed me by the arm and was pulling me inside.     

The End

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