Kai-Lynn Montgomery

Aaliyah James had just recently moved in and the first person she meets is Kai-Lynn Montgomery. Kai-Lynn is the most unselfish person Aaliyah has ever met and when she asks about it Kai-Lynn tells her all about her motto: Live like it's your last day. It's not until later that Aaliyah finds out that Kai-Lynn really is living her last days.

I shall never forget the day I met Kai-Lynn Montgomery. That girl was one of a kind. I'd first met her when I was fifteen. My family had just moved into the house next door to the Montgomery's. They had been the first ones over to help us move things into our new house. The four of them made the job bearable. Jane and my mom set up the kitchen and family room, Kalvin and my dad took care of the garage and tool shed, Hunter and my brother, Riley, took care of his room while Kai-Lynn and I did my room.

The first words she said to me were the most unexpected words I'd ever heard. She walked up to me as I got out of the car and stared at me for a second before she spoke.

"You are so beautiful!" Kai-Lynn said with a smile. At first I thought she was mocking me but her eyes were so sincere it kind of freaked me out. From where I'd come from the word 'beautiful' wasn't the word people used to describe someone. Babe. Gorgeous. Hot. Stunning. Those were the words we used. And let me tell you I thought I was anything but beautiful with my over sized graphic t-shirt, skinny jeans and black combat boots. My long, unwashed, black hair was stuffed under a black, flat-billed, Legend of Zelda hat. I was wearing my blue, plastic framed glasses instead of my contacts. 

"Ummm....." I felt my cheeks flush at her words. "Thanks..."

"I'm Kai-Lynn. What's your name?" she held her hand out for me to shake it.

"My names Aaliyah, though most people can't say it so they just call me Ali." I answered, accepting her hand. I'd been about to take my hand away when she gripped it tighter and began to pull me towards the moving truck. 

"I'll help you get your room set up!" she said enthusiastically. Normally I would've been rather annoyed if someone had done this to me, but there was just something different about Kai-Lynn that made me want to get to know her better. I wasn't sure what it was at the time but I'm glad I chose to follow it.

She helped me get everything into my new bedroom and it was then that I began to take notice at her appearance. Kai-Lynn was a frail, skinny, looking thing with long curly blonde hair. She was extremely pale and wore a purple, long sleeved shirt with a pair of black sweats and slippers. Though it wasn't that cold she seemed to be shivering slightly. Her stunning blue eyes almost seemed to mask the dark circles she had under them. That smile of her never seemed to leave her face. 

The entire time we worked, Kai-Lynn was constantly asking questions about my life. Where I'd moved from. What my hobbies were. My favorite color, food, dessert. Everything! Though I will admit I found it sweet. 

When a moment finally came that she stopped talking for a second I butted in with a question of my own.

"Why do you want to know so much about me?" I asked in a friendly manner so she wouldn't think I was annoyed by it.

"I like to know more about my friends. That way I know how to help them when they need my help." She said simply. I was surprised by this answer. She noticed my reaction and smiled bigger. "You know how many people have motto's in their life that they like but they never act on?" I nodded my head slowly. "Well I have a motto that I'm doing my best to follow." 

"What is it?" I asked, with a small tilt of my head.

"It's one that the world now a days takes the wrong way so I'm trying to show everyone what it really means. My motto is this: Live like it's your last day." Kai-Lynn said with a huge smile.

"Seems a bit daunting."

"Oh it is but I've been doing it for years now so it's become easier. Now I can't stop myself from doing it. It's become habit!"

I thought about it for a minute. What would it be like to live every day like it was your last? And would I be able to do it the right way if I chose to live that way?

The End

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