"No..." I replied, "You've gone pale."

"I don't like the subject, or person. Anyway, I reckon he's the one who was talking in your head when you were unconscious."

"Right, and is he like, dangerous?" I yawned discreetly, Kamen really wasn't giving much information.

"Is he dangerous? Are you crazy? He's the shadows. He's black. He's in the sky and below the ground. He's everywhere and no where. He's light. He's white. He's nothing. He's every-"

"-Is he dangerous?" I snapped, tapping my fingers on the table.

"When... he wants to be."

"So... he isn't really dangerous." Hilanja sniggered behind me.

"No." I rolled my eyes. "But, but, you know, he can be dangerous. When he wants to be."

"So can I. So can anyone. Basically, he's the ultimate powerful one. Okay, now I need some yogi."

The End

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