I felt slightly scared bout walking with this person. We walked together back to the house which I had fallen into. She opened the door, and let me past her. I walked in slightly timidly. One of the guys grinned at me. "Nice of you to drop in again." he laughed. He was sat next to  the one who had opened the door before. Rameyza, was it? He was kinda cute.  The two guys laughed. Balls of fire filled my hand. The woman who had brought me here coughed, and looked pointedly to my hands.

The guys stopped laughing, and the fire left me. I smiled. I sat gracfully down into a chair, and gave a smile to the guys. One had been leaning back on his chair, nd he fell off it backwards in surprise. I gave a giggle, and helped his up. He held my hand for a moment. "Hmm. Strong magik, strong will. Cool." he whispered to himself, leting my hand go. Rameyza folded his arms, and gave a 'hmmp'. Still cute though. Grr. No, he was a grumpy sod. I could tell.

"You name means 'daughter of the king of stars', doesn't it?" asked the girl as she sat down. I smiled softly and nodded. I noticed Rameyza's eyes wandered down to the two pendants round my neck. My hand shot up, holding the pendants. I blushed. Yin and Yang. The only thing that gave away my more gentle, soft personality. The girl put her finger to her head. "Yin and Yang. Part of each other." she whispered. I gave a meek nod. I wanted to find love. Someone to be part of me, and me to be part of them.

The End

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