'Of course she was magic, idiot! Didn't you sense it?' I yelled. I pushed past Rameyza and ran after the girl. Once I was out of sight, I held my hand infront of me, palm outwards, and used a simple finding spell. A light shot out of my hand and floated ten feet away. I smiled and ran towards it. It moved, showing me the way. I found the girl in a house not too far away.

'Hi,' I said. 'Are you alright? Don't worry about Rameyza, he's sometimes like that. I'm Lingatsa, who are you?'

'My name is Kaiari. I have fire and darkness magic. Don't make me use it.'

I laughed kindly at this. 'I can use any magic you care to name, Kaiari. But don't worry. Do you want to come back with me?'

She stood up, and we walked back together.

The End

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