Swords, Magic, Anger.

"Take a hike!" Kaiari shouted at the man coming closer to her. He was human, and full of lust. She had been followed by him into the alleyway. He came close. She closed her eyes, then opened them again, ajusting to the darkness. The man let his hands fall onto her hips, and traveled up to stroke her long hair. "Hey therre, purty gal, hows abouts you come with old Alex, huh?" he slurred. She smelt alcohol on his breath. Kaiari slapped him round the face, then pushed him out the way. He stumbled, and followed her.

She buttoned up her long black coat up, hiding the two swords on her hips. "C'monnnn, don't be like that, babe, come with mee, and we'll  have a *hic* good time..." he laughed, taking hold of her shoulder. He was about forty, and she was eighteen. She punched him in the stomach, and ran. He shouted to his friends at the end of the alleyway. She jumped, and flipped over their bulking figure. The streets were dark, and they ran after her. Kaiari turned, anger fuelling her, and shouted. "Leave me ALONE!" she pointed her hands at them, and a ball of darkness, and a ball of fire flew towards them. As one tried to put the fire out, and the other tried to feel his way around, blinded by the darkness, she ran, and ran.

Kaiari pulled herself into the doorway of a house. She breathed out deeply. She felt shivers run down her spine. Someone with magic was close by. She breathed out deeply.  She saw a girl staring at her. She had rich dark blue eyes, white blond hair, and she wore a long dark coat. Kaiari laughed as she realised it was her, glancing in a looking glass propped up across the street. She leaned against the front door, and shouted as it opened, and fell backwards. A guy was stood above her. She scrambled up, blushing. She gulped, and bowed her head. "I'm so sorry! I was leaning here because I was chased my some drunken looneys, and I felt someone mag..." she stopped. She knew how outrages it sounded. This guy was laughing at her. She glanced behind him. A woman was sat at a table inside. Kaiari ran round the corner, into the darkness, where she had lived almost her entire life. Ever since her parents had been murdered with she was eight, she had wandered the streets, trying to stay safe, and keep her darkness and fire powers hidden from 'normal' people.

She heard a guy say from inside the house, "I could have sworn she was magic..." Kaiari sighed. Oh, how little they knew...

The End

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