Lingatsa's dream

The Reckless leaps from the branch and runs after me. I leap for the next branch and run along it, propelling myself into the space beyond. I air-walk, or rather air-run the distance between the tree and the next building. I land a bit off balance, stumbling a few steps. I turn, thinking I'll see him staring after me, unable to get to the building I'm on. Instead I see that he,impossibly, has grown wings. They make him faster than any of my Air-

'Lingatsa,' someone shouted. 'Lingatsa, get up, will you, we're eating.'

It didn't sound like Rameyza, so I decided it must be Hilanja. She was the only other person here. I peeked under the sheets, checking that I was actually wearing something this time, got up, and went to where I thought the kitchen was. Rameyza, Hilanja and someone who had their head tilted so I couldn't see their face were sitting round a table, eating something that looked like mush. It smelled good, though.

Rameyza said, 'Before you eat, can I introduce you to the other person who lives here? Lingatsa, this is Kamen'

The man on the opposite side of the table lifted his head and stared into my eyes. I jumped backwards and fell off my chair. I suddenly realized my mistake. His face was the same as my killer, but it was softer, kinder. 'Sorry,' I said. 'Ithought you were... someone else.'

'I know. He is my twin brother.'

'What are you talking about?' said Rameyza, looking puzzled.

'Nothing you need to know about.'

'Well... Ok. Lingatsa, lets see how good you are at fighting.

The End

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