'You heard voices? That's strange. There was no sign of anyone else around when I got there. How far did you fall?'

'Um, off the tallest building there. Did... he... drop my sword?'

'What sword? And who's he?'

Crud. In my still shocked state, i'd forgotten never to mention my fight on the rooftops with that Reckless. I tried not to think about that. I'd been fighting for hours, but I had been weak. He'd taken my sword, and pushed me off the roof. I'd seen him looking down at me as I fell and laughing. I quickly tried to shut out the memory of that laugh, and failed. It ripped through my head like a thrown dagger. It was one of those things that revealed the true nature of the Reckless. It was the reason they were called that. It was the recklessly uncaring laugh of a cold blooded murderer. I shuddered at the thought. Hilanja noticed.

'Are you all right? Did I miss an injury?'

'No, it's just...' I wondered about telling her the truth, but decided against it. 'I just remembered falling and hitting the ground and...' I did a pretty good impression of suddenly feeling faint and fell back against the pillows.

'Could you leave please, Rameyza? I want to get dressed.' I said weakly.


I got dressed, after asking Hilanja for a left armed half-sleeve top. Unlike most people, I used my left arm for magic, keeping my right hand free to hold my sword. I wondered what had happened to it. Had the Reckless kept it, left it or burned it? Had it been in one of the many fires that had been burning around me as I lay dieing? I would never know unless I went back and fought him again, and won. I wasn't about to that in a hurry. I wasn't even sure how long i'd been here. I missed that sword. My father had made it for me before he- No, I couldn't think about that. Hell knew where that might go if I did. Instead I concentrated on the complicated brooch on the cloak.

The End

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