"I'm not sure if I should. I...I'd like the crystal back now please." I replied. "I can't waste anymore time, and goodness knows how long I was on that floor for. I need to get there. Before this world dies."

I flipped the sheets back, only to find that I was naked, blood-free, scar-free, completely naked.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhh........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shrieked as I quickly snatched back the sheets and hugged it towards my chest. "What...what the...?? You.......where did my clothes go? You.......you, what were you thinking? What did yo-"

"-Don't worry, I didn't do anything. Here, let me introduce you to Hilanja." Rameyza said, he stood outside the doorway and called her. Healer of the gods, I thought. "I found her nearly drowned in the Black Pool, work of the Reckless I suspect, she now helps me round here. She undressed you and she has some clothes for you here."

I looked into Hilanja's face, she was around my age, young, lively, strong, definitely been through quite a lot. She had long mousy brown hair tied back in a ponytail and she was wearing some casual jeans and a t-shirt. In her hands, she held out the traditional female outfit - a dark cloak, a royal red skirt, and a half sleeved black top (depending on which hand you used, the sleeve covered it, it protected against light spells), the sleeved part of the top covered your hand to the finger tips.

"She used to be a great healer, still is. Hilanja was the one who taught me how to revive you, but I won't go into that now. She heals anything, even crystals." said Rameyza. Then what about the infinitive darkness? What was that about? I thought.

"I don't understand." I returned. "Why did you bring me back? Why didn't you just leave me to die? I could hear voices before I woke up, it was angry for taking my soul. I don't get it."

The End

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