The Crystal

I woke in a large bed with white sheets. The man from last night is gone, but I can hear movement some way off.  Suddenly he appears, holding two bowls of something hot. He hands one to me, then sits down on the chair next to me and starts eating. I follow suit, and soon I have finished the bowl. I hand it back to him and he places them on the air in front of him. Then he pushes his hand towards them and they fly off towards the doorway. He then turns to face me.

'My name is Rameyza. It means-'

'I know what it means. I speak the old language. It's "red star that appears before disaster", right?'

'Right. And you are...?'

'Lingatsa, the light that shines forever. Rather appropriate, now I'm supposed to be dead.'

'Yes. Now about your crystal-'

'Where is it? I remember it smashing.'

'I have it here. Now, I think before we do anything else, we should know a bit more about each other.'

The End

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