I awake in what seemed like infinity.  Darkness forever stretching out, I am glowing, there's a layer of light around me. Then, a ghostly voice spoke out.

"I said not yet!" The voice said angrily. It was a deep male voice, of royalness. "Why did you bring the soul here? Put it back like I told you to!"

I was confused, was that me they were talking about? Then all of a sudden, I blanked out again, back to more darkness.


I woke, feeling numb and covered in dry blood. I couldn't feel the pain anymore, not the burning that was under my skin when I fell. I opened my eyes. Darkness. I suspected someone had their hand over my entire face. I breathed in a mouthful of dusty air. The hand's owner sighed and took away his hand, and I could see. A young man kneeled by me. Bright fashionable red hair, nearly black eyes, handsome and a tall structure. He wore a cloak and I couldn't see anything underneath.

"Who are you? How long have I been like this? Have you got my crystal? I remember it smashing. Did you fix it? I not supposed to be.......dead?"

"Shh..." and that was all he said as he lifted his finger to his mouth. But it took no effort to see into those shining dark trusting eyes. Then suddenly he flew up into the air, scanned the nearby destructed houses, perhaps for survivors, and made a perfect landing.

"I see you're a trained air-walker. I'm surprised, most young men like you prefer fire control. Lights cigarettes quicker, they say." I laughed, nervously.

"I'm trained in all four of them, can you move? We need to get out of here before anyone finds us. I can't answer your questions in such an open place."

I tried to stand, failing. I saw a nearby tree branch that had been burnt off a tree and motioned it to come over. It flew up to the sky, like that that air-walker, and landed in my open palm. I used it to support my weight, and stood up. I still could not feel any of the pain I had when I fell. When was that though? I thought, following the mysterious man. I felt sweaty, the air around me was stuffy and hot. Fires had started to destruct more and more buildings around me, I never thought it'd be this bad. Suddenly, I was lifted up in the air, carried in strong arms. I knew who they belonged to now, as they had once been on my face. I fell into unconsiousness again, but this time to sleep, not to darkness.

The End

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