Live again.

Basicaly a random idea i came up with one day. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

My last moments were not the nicest.

I fell from roof to roof, too weak to try and stop myself. The pain was too much, so my brain had shut it out. I smashed into the floor, and I heard my spine snap in two. I was bleeding from countless injurys. The pain had come back worse than ever. I wanted so badly just to die, to escape, but I couldn't. There was a reason I had been on that roof, and if I failed, I would be cursed forever. Cursed to wander the earth, seeing all the destruction, seeing my family, my friends, even people I had never met tortured. I couldn't die, not now. And even though I so badly wanted to, I willed my self not to die. I filled my mind with the feeling of life, and I concentrated. But I felt my conciousness slipping away, just as a figure bent over me...

The End

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