Paul Wisse is a 18 year old high school senior. He has dreadlocks down to his waist, cheap glasses, and enjoys pot more than anything. He's decided the best thing we could do for the next few years of his life is live on the road with some friends. And Live.

I had fallen asleep in math class, my high had been gone for hours. Looking around I remembered I liked none of these people, minus the fact I had sex with most of them. I rubbed my eyes and leaned back in my seat just wanting to leave. I hated it here, and I swear here hated me. Wait. Does that even make sense?

I wanted weed, really bad. Being sober made me logical and not the laid back kind of guy I enjoy being. Sometimes I just-

"Mr. Wisse!" Oh fuck. I looked to my teacher, shit whats his name? Whatever,

"Yo." I grinned as a few other kids chuckled. Mr. Teacher Dude growled at me,

"Hello. So are you going to tell me what the answer is?"

"I'm afraid I can't do that." I crossed my legs onto the small chair and smiled.

"Why not!" I winced,

"Oh man, take a breathe. No need to scream." This guy is annoying.

"I am your supervisor Mr. Wisse! I will do as I want!"

"You sound like a five year old with control issues to me." The look of shock on his face was the greatest thing I've ever seen. Boom.

"Out! Detention! Leave this room!" I did a thumbs up, stood up and walked out. I hurried down a couple halls, tripping on my pants only once, and ran into the little boys room.

"Jesus Christ I need a-" as I pulled out my cigarettes a certain long haired, two eye coloured kid ran into me. He fell over, dropping his books, and started sputtering like an idiot.

"Sorry man, didn't see you there!" I put my hand out for him to grab, which he did, and lifted him up. His face was red, but still pretty god damn cute.

"S-sorry." He whispered as he bent down to collect his things, I took the opportunity to look at his ass. It was nice.

"It's cool bro," he looked rather familiar, "You're a junior right?" He nodded and smiled a little, which is also very nice, "But aren't you like really smart or some shit?"

"Uh, I guess. I'm in you're science class." I raised my eyebrows and nodded,

"That's cool." I paused and added, "So what are you doing this summer?"

"Nothing I think. You?"

"I think I'm gonna try to get my friends to go on a road trip of some sort with me." He laughed, again, also nice.

"That's right, you're eighteen. You can do that cant you? You're lucky. I'd love to go places whenever I want." I shrugged,

"Y'know, its not that great really. Seeming the fact I cant even legally buy beer. But sometimes I can flirt em up or somethin' and get some." He blushes a little, why is everything so nice about this kid?

"Yeah, you're good looking enough to get away with that aren't you?"

"You think I'm good looking?" His eyes, one blue the other brown I noted, widened.

"Uh, I- Um..." he ran pass me and down the hall to god knows where. 

"Well alrighty then." I opened up the bathroom window, stuck a fag in my mouth, and light it up as the bell rang.

The End

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