Little Wonders

Just the small things that make a day good. Not Collaborative just yet.



I stepped off the bus, diving under the shelter as fast as I could, my hands shaking with the cold and my hair already bushy with the water in the air. It was raining and I knew it was only going to get worse, water would end up soaking through the fabric of my t-shirt, through the fabric of my jacket, disgusting when I knew I had to walk through this stupid shower, all the way to school, and spend an hour, a stupid, long hour, sitting in a hot, humid common room, without a change of clothes and a change of attitude to help me.

                I crossed the road, to the other bus stop, started walking up the hill, trying to ignore the water that was trickling down my forehead, dripping from my chin, my chest tight from the desire to sneeze.

                His voice was low, as he called to me from down the road.

“Callie!” I turned and smiled at him, he was jogging up the road, holding an umbrella over his head -  though as he ran, he swung his arms slightly and the protection swung from side to side, splashing all over him, soaking his hair and plastering it to his face. I tried not to laugh as he caught up with me.

“Morning, Ben.” I went to hug him, but he shook his head.

“I’m soaked.”

“You have an umbrella,” I countered, and he rolled his eyes at me.

“Touché, however, I’m still soaked.” I hugged him anyway. “You, are extremely wet.” He tugged at my top as he pulled away, “I’m seeing curves I’ve never even considered before.” I rolled my eyes at him and stepped back, turning to walk up to the safety and dryness of the school buildings.

“C’mon, we’ll be late.” I said softly, he laughed and caught up to me, holding the umbrella over my head, his arm draped over my shoulder.

Though I was still soaked as I stepped into the common room, Ben’s warmth and the grin I got as he shook his hair out and poked me with the umbrella made me feel so much better than I had as I stepped off the bus.

                Today was going to be good.

The End

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