Don't be alarmed by the title of this page. Nothing serious or bad has happened to me. This is a humorous account of incidents that have happened to me in recent weeks and the lessons I've learned from them. 

1. Towels are important

I bet I know what you're thinking. Yes, I did indeed go to take a shower, it was my first full day here at SAU and I forgot my towel. Result: I walked back to my dorm in my robe at 6:30 in the morning absolutely SOAKED. Needless to say, I haven't forgotten my towel since!

2. Fast talking professors

Up until this past week, I'd been hand writing lecture notes in my classes. Most of my teachers have powerpoint presentations they so generously share on Blackboard. I took my laptop to class today and viewed the presentations right along with the professor and made little notes in the note/comment section beneath slides. As to why I haven't done this before, I have absolutely no idea!

3. Heels are not a girl's best friend

Yes. High heels. I had a presentation in my core 100 class today and the instructor expects us to dress up. The only dressy clothes I have were a couple of shirts, pants, and a skirt. I have actual dresses, but most were more summery and we're in fall. I opted to wear the pants, which are long, so I wore a pair of kitten heels so they wouldn't drag on the ground. I didn't have time to change after my core class, I had 10 minutes to get to my next class. My next class is on the very top floor of one of the buildings, so 4 flights of stairs up. Walking up that many stairs is a workout! Thankfully going down them was easier. I'm walking back to my dorm with a friend who has the same class I do, and my heel gets caught in a crack on the sidewalk! And this guy I've been talking to and become really good friends with saw the whole thing. I didn't trip, but I had like 6 other people run into me as I'm trying to pry my shoe from the ground with my bare foot in the air. It must have been quite comedic. 

4. Key Swipes 

Every student gets an ID, which is like a hotel key for the dorms. You swipe your card and you get in the dorms. Except when the swipe on your particular dorm building is broken! I didn't know that, and it's within my first week here and my dad so lovingly stopped by campus to drop off some things my roommate (and sister!) forgot to pack. It's like 6 in the morning and so cold you can see your breath in front of your face when you exhale. Anyways, we're walking back to our dorm and realize we can't get in. We didn't know the swipe was broken! So we walked around campus for about an hour. We even tried talking to a campus safety officer, who got in their car and drove away. Nice, right? This little old lady from the board of trustees got us in. Thankfully classes hadn't started yet!

5. Getting locked in/out of your room.

I have on a few occasions, locked my keys in my room, and am locked out. Thankfully most of the times my sister was right there to let me in with her keys or she was in the room. Today I was headed to lunch with friends and telling them about the presentation I had to do. They told me I had to be dressed up. I'd completely forgotten about that! I run back to my room and change, only to lock the door with my keys inside. It made matters worse that my RA, who has a master key was nowhere to be found. We literally walked almost the entire dorm before finding an RA's roommate who could let me back in! Over the weekend, one of the girls on my floor managed to get locked in her room. Yes, IN. They had to call for help and a maintenance man had to climb through her window to fix her lock!

That's enough rambling for now! I'll post another update soon!

The End

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