"Why don't you talk?" Rosette asked, shaking Little Rosette in her hands.

"Because she's a doll, you freak," Rosalind said. 

"You're such a freak Rosette," Rose said, sticking her tongue "

"I'm not a freak," Rosette said, looking down, at Little Rosette in her hands, with her shiny eyes and limp body. She'd just wanted a friend. 

"Rosette is a freak," Rose sang, and Rosalind sang along with her. "Rosette is a freak."

Rosette's eyes teared up, and a little drop fell on Little Rosette. Rosette ran, ran away from her sisters. She didn't know where she was going. She ran, and ran and ran, until she came to a corner of the house that nobody ever came to. She sank down on the floor. She cried, because it hurt and because she didn't know how not to. 

Rosette wished her sisters were not so mean. 

"It's okay if you don't talk," Rosette told Little Rosette in between sobs. "You're very nice the way you are."

The End

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