Rosette didn't feel bad anymore about not being given the attention she wanted from Rosalind and Rose and her parents. Little Rosette was all that she'd ever need. Little Rosette sat with her at lunch in school, and Little Rosette talked to her when she had dinner, and all the times in between. She didn't need them anymore, and this made Rosette feel stronger. 

"You're a strong girl,"Little Rosette said, "You're my best friend."

And this made Rosette very happy indeed. She talked to Little Rosette more and more, and there was never a moment that Little Rosette left Rosette's sight. 

They played games they made up together, and Rosette didn't feel left out. 

Meanwhile, her parents and her sisters and her teachers forgot Rosette more and more. They didn't look at her when she walked into the room, not even a little glance when they heard her soft footsteps and her whispering to Little Rosette.

Her parents were busy people, and with the baby boy and the two sisters, who even the maids agreed were quite a handful, they had so much to look after.

Rosalind and Rose had so much to tell each other, and they had never thought much of Rosette. There were too many interesting things happening at school and so many games to play, among themselves and the new friends they had made at school, that talking about or to Rosette, who was always playing with that silly doll of hers, would make a very boring thing to do.

Rosette and Little Rosette were happy in their own little world, and Rosette thought that she had her own happily ever after.

The End

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