Rosette talked to Little Rosette all day, telling her of the things that happened to her, of everything that was going around, she talked to her all day long and whispered to her into the night, because Rosette had many things to say too, it was just that nobody had heard them before, and those who had were not willing to listen.

But Little Rosette had never talked back to her. Rosette liked to think that she had, just like the prince that wasn't coming because it was too cold. 

Little Rosette wasn't talking because she had a sore throat, but she loved to listen everything Rosette had to say. 

And so, Rosette talked to Little Rosette, and told her everything that happened at school, and what she was taught, and which kids did what, and which teachers seemed the best to her. Rosette told stories to Little Rosette, and she thought Little Rosette liked them very much, because she never told her not to tell the stories to her. 

The End

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