Appearances are false

Little Rosette became Rosette's constant companion. Rosette always carried her little friend around. Little Rosette always had the most delightful things to say. 

Rosette sat at the window with her friend, and her little friend told her stories. Rosette loved the stories Little Rosette had to say. Little Rosette told her about the fairies, and the elves and big, large green trolls. Rosette always giggled when Little Rosette said troll, and she mimicked what she thought a troll would sound like, with a slow, deep voice. Little Rosette found it funny too, and laughed with her. 

Rosette had the happiest winter ever. She didn't even mind not going into the garden, she had Little Rosette for company and she didn't need to think about the Prince anymore. Little Rosette told her many things that she didn't know about before, and Little Rosette told her things her parents and sister didn't. 

Yes, she was very lucky to have Little Rosette indeed. 

The End

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