It started as a children's story, but then it had the opportunity to go the other way.

Rosette had always felt smaller, she was, but she thought she felt smaller because she was called Rosette. She had two sisters who were bigger than her, Rose and Rosalind. They were bigger by a few minutes, she was told, but she didn't know what that meant. All three of them were in the first grade.

She had often wondered what her parents would name the baby boy.

She was Rosette, not big enough to be Rose, and far from being Rosalind. 

She was always being forgotten, by her parents, by her uncles and aunts, by the teachers at school. They always remembered Rosalind. Rosalind was loud, Rosalind was the one everyone talked to first. Then they talked to Rose, who always had something to say. And if they did spot Rosette, they had nothing to talk about anymore, and Rosette remained quiet, not quite knowing what to say and tried to smile so they would notice her more. But they faded away, and Rosette was forgotten. 

Rosalind and Rose played with each other, and when Rosette asked to play too, they didn't let her play. "It is for two," Rose said.

"And we are two," Rosalind said. 

So Rosette walked in the big, big garden by herself, pretending she was a lost princess and smelling pretty flowers until her prince came.

The winter was there. The flowers died, and it was too cold for the prince to come. The baby boy did come though, and everybody loved him. His name was Charles, and Rosette didn't think the name sounded like her brother's name at all.

Christmas had many people, but little presents. There were fewer gifts for Christmas, which Rosalind and Rose threw a fit about, so they got more presents. Rosette was grateful for having gotten something, and she decided she loved Christmas best out of all the times of the year.

Rosette had a little cloth doll, her name was Little Rosette. 

When everybody forgot her, Rosette talked to Little Rosette. 

"Hello Rosette, you're my best, best, best friend," Little Rosette told her.

"Promise, Little Rosette?" she asked.

"Forever and ever," Little Rosette said, and she waved her little arms with happiness.

The End

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