Little Pig Man

Dink had an inkling of what he was getting into when he decided to wage war on his department at the factory, but he was up to h-e-r-e with being a selfless, generous do-gooder.  It had never gotten him anywhere in life, far as he could see.  Aside from his management position at the plant, his beautiful wife, expensive home, and newborn daughter, his life was going absolutely nowhere.

Maybe not everyone would see it that way, but fortunately, Dink realized early in life that most people weren't very bright.  Once this became clear, he knew that his sole purpose in life was to tell people what to do.  These days, no one seemed that interested in listening though, and it was high time they paid attention.

As Dink strolled passed the hogs squealing in terror, he stroked the soft pink roll of his fleshy chin, contemplating what might easily go wrong for Jeb, the assistant-manager on his team who had been giving him lip lately.  Oh, Jeb, you should know when to shut up and take it like a man.  All that whining about long hours, inhuman conditions for your boys.  Now it's time to take one for the team, Jeb.  Dink laughed quietly to himself.

Being high on the food chain was an advantage at the meat packing plant.  Oh, Jeb would pay.  A hog shrieked with precognition as she entered the killing floor.


The End

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