Bethany was seven, one year older then Clochette. She was an aspiring pianist too, but not nearly skilled as the girl she so admired.

In short, she was everything Clochette was not. Bright in intellect, cheery, and active. Her parents had had enough money to support Behtany consistently, unlike Clochette. She went to a normal school, and had normal parents.

Bethany started taking piano lessons because of Clochette.

She had come across the child prodigy by accident, overhearing her music teacher in school talking to another faculty member. Her curiosity piqued, Bethany went home that day to ask her parents about this aclaimed, 'Clochette Rossi'. That was also the day Bethany demanded a piano and tutor.

Bethany was not terribly greedy, only a little short-tempered. She waited uneasily until her brand new piano was shipped, and until then she looked up every picture and article on her inspiration.

And when Bethany found out Clochette was so sickly and pale, officially diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, and so unlike how Bethany expected her to be, she was sorely disappointed. The fact that Clochette was mute disgusted Bethany. Soon the only thing spurring Bethany to continue her piano lessons was  her ambition to beat Clochette at her own game.

But in Bethany's heart, she still admired Clochette for her skill. Then again, there were also times when Bethany hated her for attaining her skill naturally, and with no practice. For Bethany struggled to cooperate with her tutor, and had to practice for hours to achieve the standards she herself had set.

When Bethany's parents had purchased her tickets for a concert of Clochette's for her birthday, she had mixed feelings.

Bethany had to put on her best clothes, which annoyed her because she greatly preferred to run free in shorts and a T-shirt. When she arrived Bethany saw the concert hall packed with stuffy adults, and hardly any children. Behtany felt reluctant about seeing her idol perform.

But after Clochette had played merely one measure of Chopin's Concerto No. 2 in E flat, Bethany was entranced. The way the little girl sitting on the polished wooden bench held her back so strait , the way her fingers moved in ways six year olds could not hope to do at their age, simply maddened Bethany. The seats her and her parents had were not the best, and Bethany was practically leaning out of her chair to catch each detail of Clochette's masterful playing.

At the end of the concerto, there was much applause, but Bethany believed she was the one clapping the hardest. Her hands fell back to her lap quickly though, for when Clochette's hardened stare did not move to acknowledge her praise, Bethany's heart sank.

After the show her parents asked her what she had thought. Bethany replied with a shrug, ignoring the disappointed looks her parents gave each other. She knew they had just wanted to make her happy on her birthday, but Bethany was too saddened to really think of it.

Bethany then continued her life as usual, coasting through school and struggling through her piano lessons.

One day soon after Bethany's birthday, her mother asked her over breakfest if she had noticed something about Clochette. "She was limping," her mother said. "Limping as she walked off the stage."

Bethany was confused by her mother's comment. From what Bethany had read of Clochette, she lead a sheltered life. The prodigy had no reason to be limping.

But neither Bethany or her mother knew what went on in the immodest Rossi householed.

The End

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