Little Pianist

Clochette has always been closeted by her overprotective mother, whom allows her to see no one and only to practice the piano all day long. Yes, Clochette is a prodigy, but there is more lurking behind the face of the little girl who has inspired the hearts of many and sparked the curiosity of pianists who have taken decades to attain the skill she acquired in mere six years.

Her mother was selfish, her mother was greedy. And before Clochette became famous, she was poor.

Clochette was an accident, a gift from one of her mothers 'clients', so to speak. Clochette's mother was very angry at her daughter's birth, it was hard enough to feed her own mouth, let alone a growing girl's. Clochette's mother made do anyway, she loved her daughter regardless of their situation.

That wasn't true for long, though. Clochette's mother hypothesized that it was because she couldn't produce enough breast milk that Clochette never learned to speak, but she still tried to blame Clochette for her own silence. She regarded giving her daughter such an extravagent, French sounding name because she was stupid. Stupid was what Clochette's mother called her until her fingers graced the keys of a  piano.

That didn't happen until Clochette was four though, and until then, Clochette was locked in her small room, not allowed to come out until she said something. Clochette never spoke, which angered her mother because inutition told her Clochette could understand every word she was speaking. Clochette was fed the leftovers, clothed in scraps, and was always slightly sick due to malnutrition and lack of sunlight. Clochette's mother didn't care though, she brushed her daughter's health issues off saying it was DNA, her mother had been frail and sickly too.

Clochette wasn't educated, she never went to pre-school because she couldn't talk.

When Clochette was three, her mother decided to show her daughter what she was missing because she couldn't talk. Forefully she had yanked on a sparkling red gown, the finest piece of matieral Clochette had ever seen, and took her to a children's piano recital. Clochette watched thoughtfully as a dozen or so children varying in age got up in front of everyone and played a song or two.

Some were better then others, but Clochette's mother smiled in contempt when she noticed that Clochette seemed to be playing along  with the child.

Clochette didn't eat dinner for three days because her mother had to save money to buy her clothes. That was when she was taken to a tutor, and soon after that the endless concerts and recitals began, the endless psychologists evaluated her, and when her mother stopped caring that Clochette never spoke because what did it matter, she was making great money!

Clochette's mother, however, wasn't blind. She did indeed realize that her little child prodigy was trying to convey thoughts and feelings through her playing, but she was too arrogant to think anything of it.

And then there was Bethany.

The End

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