Little People

A mini story about my son and step-son

Little people, aren't they funny little souls, laughing and giggling one minute and then suddenly a child hits another child simply because they walked past!

Love and rivalry, attention and tantrums all make a parents life interesting.

They are little monkeys, as sweet as sugar but so very decieving like a conman doing his act, but when they get caught its like butter would not melt!

You would not think such a little person or two would be so much trouble and hard work, two 2 year olds is a bundle of excitable trouble.

But, and its a big but, it's all worth it, in the end. When they first say mamma or dadda and when they first voluntarily say 'i love you' and give you spontaneous hugs. They are little ray's of golden sunshine to take with you wherever you go.

Parenthood is hard, kids they make you laugh and cry and very frustrated but you would never be without the little tykes, so here it is to you my little sweetpeas, be good! I beg you please to listen to me when i say whats right and wrong.

But no worries if now and then you don't because i love you, I'll protect you like a lioness protects her cubs from harm.

I know you will bring joy and unconditional love in our hearts!

So thankyou my little critters for making my life interesting.

The End

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