"Move it Allie" Renee shouts as the maids run through the closing door. Allie the doorman jumps aside as the girls slip through.

Allie shakes his head and closes the door firmly behind them. Mira and Renee run round the side of the building. "Are you sure we should be spying like this?" Mira asks running with a slight skip and having to hold up the front of her skirt. Only slightly as it reaches just below her knees.

They reach the other servent side door and slip through then find the door that peeks into the palour. As it opens "Rawr!" Danielle jumps through and causes the young maids to scream. Then they all burst out in barrels of laughter.

Mira can see the disaproving looks of Danielle's parents in the palour through the door. Then the amused look of Sir William. Mira blushes and Danielle looks back at the palour. She curtsies politely and the two maids follow her lead. "Excuse me, your highness" She says then gently closes the door.

She turns back to face Mira and Renee and they all squeal. "Quickly. Lets get to my room" Danielle says.

The girls race unladylike through the household and when the reach Danielle's room they all fall onto her bed out of breath.

"So what do you think?" Danielle says looking in turn at both of the girls either side of her.

"Absolute material" Renee comments sitting up. Mira and Danielle sit up as well and they all move to sit in a triangle in the centre of the large bed. "I know that but.... He doesn't seem all that interested in me... In fact Mira I think he saw you" Danielle says smiling at her friend.

"He can't like me. I'm just a maid, lower class" Mira says waving a hand. Renee jumps is saying "stop judging everything and focus on the goal". This causes all the girl to burst out laughing.

The End

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