Little MissMature

A young Maid, pretty as sunshine works for the famous Lord Ean.
When a suitor, Sir William, comes down to meet Lord Ean's daughter Danielle travels to the palace and see's the young maid, Mira.
Mira is low class yet William will do anything to make her his wife.

"Mira!" A voice shouts. The young girl scrubbing the floor of the kitchen looks up. Her fiery red hair is pulled back into a tight bun. Her bright emerald eyes shine out from her pale, small face. Her milky skin is healthy and slightly dirty.

She is wearing a dark black dress, its cage slightly and has a tight corset and white apron. Set upon her head is a maid's headband, tied by a ribbon. Cause that what she is. A maid.

A young maid of 16 years in the house of the famous Lord Ean. Home to him, his wife Lady Isabel and his daughter young Lady Danielle. The young Maid outshines all her workers in natural beauty and even the young lady herself.

"Mira" Another maid come running into the kitchen and stops at the sight of the young girl. She smiles at her. "Mira, come quick. Sir William of the South has arrived"

Mira smiles up at her friend and drops the sponge into the bucket. She moves the bucket to the side of the fireplace and wipes her hands on her white apron. Then she pulls a hankerchief out of one of the pockets of her apron and wipes as much dift she can from her face.

"Lets go then, Renee" Mira says smiling. Renee smiles back and the two maids skip through the house to peek through the servent door to the min house. They watch as the doorman, their friend Allie (Real name Albert), opens the door.

Two maids. Danielle's personal staff stand behind her as she stands in the middle of the her father, Lord Ean, and her mother, Lady Isabel.

Then through the door steps a young man. The  well known Sir William of the South. The heir to his father kingdom. He is more commonly known as the South Prince but requested the title of Sir William till he was crowned.

"Lucky girl ain't she?" Renee whispers. "Young Danielle could be the next queen by the end of these three weeks"

"You think she'll take us with her" Mira whispers. Danielle takes a chance to look over at the servent door and smiles seeing Renee and Mira before quickly looking back at the young prince.

"Positive, we may not be her personal maids but we are her best friends"

The End

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