Little Merl the Lost Girl

The girl was waiting. So long...But when will he come? Who comes insted?

I waited.

I organised myself into a neat manor. Why should I? He hated that sort of thing. Still I made herself look presentable.

I looked at my watch, I had waited for hours. Well, it felt like it.

When will he come?

The grass swayed around me.

I looked in the distance.

Was that him?

I could see a boy. To be precise, a teen. It looked like a teen. He looked like a teen. Pale skin, black hair, and green eyes. He also had round glasses. All he needed was a scar and wand and he could be Harry Potter!

He looked over to me. His expression changed to surprise.

"It's you!" He cried.

"Me?" I said.



The boy ran at me.

The blood was racing round my body. I wanted to run, but something kept me still. As if I was nailed to the ground.

Finally, the boy was arms length.

"It is you! Wow, you look so much older!"

"I'm sorry?"

"There's no need to be sorry about anything. Just come with me."

"What? But you could be a psycho or a rapist or a-"

The boy's face softened.

"Don't you remember me?" He said quietly. It was as if he was coaxing a wild animal.

"No. Why would I?"

"I'm your brother silly!" He smiled. "You do remember me, don't you Merl? Little Merlin?"

"My name isn't Merl, or Merlin or whatever. It's Jane."

"You really don't remember do you?"

"Remember what?"

"Listen, what is your earliest memory?"

I thought. What was my earliest memory?

"When I was found . . ."

"Yes, continue."

"By that kind old man. Luigi. He saw me in the field. This field. There was a man hanging onto me. Hs face was grimy and dirty. He wore old dark clothing. Luigi saw me and pulled me away from the dark man. And took me into his home."

"The dark man? That must have been Jack. That pervert. But, that's all in the past now. Please, come with me. I really am your brother. Look."

He stretched out his wrist and showed a scar. It looked like a circle. He grabbed at my arm and pulled back my sleeve and there was the scar again. The exact same scar.

"See?" He said. "Please, please come."

"OK." I replied.

He grabbed my wrist again and started running back from where he came from. "I'll explain it when we get home!" He said

What was I doing? Going off with a teenager who claimed to be my brother, and he has the same scar on his arm as I do? What is up with me?

The End

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